Best male characters in video games Part V

by on April 19, 2015

Mordin Solus – Mass Effect Series                 Choosing between Mordin, Thane and Legion was extremely difficult. Each of them has an extremely emotional and complicated story that doesn’t end very well, but I had to go with Mordin as he is, overall, probably the best written character in the entire series.                 Mordin is a […]

Best male characters in video games Part IV

by on April 2, 2015

Gabriel Belmont / Dracula – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Series                 Antiheroes are something rare in video games and even rarer are Castlevania games for PC, so when Lords of Shadow made its way to this platform I was somewhat excited to play for the first time a game from this series. To my surprise […]

Best male characters in video games Part III

by on March 23, 2015

Lee Everett – The Walking Dead Season One             Lee Everett was the protagonist of Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season One. Lee was an African American history professor teaching at the University of Georgia. Prior to the outbreak Lee was convicted for murdering a state senator who had an affair with his wife. He was […]

Best male characters in video games Part II

by on March 18, 2015

The Joker – Batman Arkham Series             Voice acted by Mark Hamill and well written by the people at Rocksteady Studios, the Joker is the embodiment of madness and chaos. He bears a cartoonish clown appearance with green hair, white painted skin and red lips, underlining with his style his insanity. He doesn’t have any […]

Best male characters in video games Part I

by on March 14, 2015

                After my article last year about the best female characters in video games a counterpart for male characters was bound to happen, but I never found the time to finish this project until now. The following articles from this series contain some of the best male characters I’ve […]

Upcoming Adventure Games in 2015!

by on January 30, 2015

                The year 2015 is an episodic one when it comes to adventure games with the first episode of many titles being launched at the end of 2014 and continuing throughout this year. This is a list of pure adventure games new releases or episodic continuations from last year. Life is Strange Release Date: January […]

Upcoming Strategy Games in 2015!

by on January 26, 2015

                From all the video games genres, strategy is probably the one that is going to receive the most attention this year, at least from the perspective of developers. This is a list with some of the top strategy titles that are most likely going to be released this year. Heroes of Might and Magic […]

Upcoming Action Games in 2015!

by on January 19, 2015

                Following up on my articles about upcoming games this year, now I’m going to talk about some of the most anticipated and interesting titles of the action genre with a blend of adventure. Resident Evil HD Remaster Release Date: January 20                 Following the trend of visually enhancing older games for younger audiences and […]

Upcoming Shooters in 2015!

by on January 13, 2015

                The year 2014 was one of the worst when it comes to shooters of any kind, there were few titles and even fewer worth playing. So this year should come as a redemption for this genre in front of its fans as they didn’t have much to play in 2014 and by the looks […]

Upcoming MMOs and Online Games in 2015!

by on January 10, 2015

                Following the Upcoming RPGs article, in this one I will talk about the online games and MMOs that are going to be released in 2015. This year is looking great for online gaming and there are loads of titles fit for everybody’s taste. This list doesn’t contain the online only FPS games as they […]