The Best Adventure 2016

by on December 27, 2016

                It has been a good year for adventurers. Either if you like a narrative driven experience or you are looking for the brain teasers of puzzle solving, the genre mixed both sides well enough to satisfy everyone’s taste. Games like Firewatch, Layers of Fear, Silence and Batman – A Telltale Series had players following […]

Silence Review!

by on November 27, 2016

                Daedalic Entertainment is part of the last stand against a gaming trend that has left adventure games behind. Deponia, Night of the Rabbit, Anna’s Quest, The Dark Eye and The Whispered World are some of the best point and click adventure games of this generation. But the tides are shifting and adapting to them […]

Screenshot of the Week #103: Visiting Silence!

by on November 20, 2016

                  This week I’ve begun my adventure into the world of Silence. Unlike most of the games coming from Daedalic Entertainment, Silence isn’t a true and true old school style adventure, but a game that shares many similarities with Telltale’s titles. Silence follows the story of two brothers, Noah and Renie, as they venture […]

Rise of the Tomb Raider Review!

by on February 22, 2016

                  The time limited “embargo” that disregarded the feelings of Lara Croft’s fans on PC has been lifted and on January 28 Rise of the Tomb Raider made its way to the PC.                 The 2013 reboot was set on changing the series’ direction starting with its protagonist. Once fearless, Lara Croft has been […]