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What is The Game Slashers?

A mix of disappointment and love for the gaming industry has prompted the creation of The Game Slashers by a gamer who wanted nothing more than an honest and objective perspective untainted by any exterior factors. Over time the ambitions have grown and what started as a blog has turned into a dream for a fully-fledged website.


Who are the Game Slashers?

Mihail “Nodrim” Opris

Nodrim is the main writer and the mastermind behind The Game Slashers. A slightly extremist and hardcore gamer in a quest to filter the hype in order to unveil the true beauty of video games. He took the matter in his own hands to judge games based on serious standards that apply unconditionally to all.


Georgian “TopSOUL” Vlasceanu

Not being a native English speaker or having studied English, Nodrim’s quest would have ended abruptly without the help of TopSOUL. His dedication doesn’t seem to falter after years of creative and grammar editing that has guided Nodrim through the secret paths of writing.


Iustin “Wolfe” Liciu

The last member of this odd party, Wolfe has joined to express in writing his love for RPGs. He has been slacking for a long time now, but Nodrim keeps bouncing ideas off him and seeks council when needed.


Contact us

If you have inquiries or just want to say hello, don’t hesitate to contact us. Nodrim will handle all the inquiries as fast as possible.