The Upcoming Adventure Games in 2018

by on January 14, 2018

I’m moving on with the upcoming games of 2018 to a genre that has been revitalized and reinvented so many times in the past decade that sometimes I just don’t know what to expect from it anymore. Let’s have a look at some of the more interesting adventure games coming out in 2018:


Release Date: January 16

The concept of InnerSpace is intriguing to say the least. This flying exploration game takes place during the final days of the Inverse, an inside-out realm where the gravity pulls outwards. Recover the last memories of this unique place where civilizations have risen and fallen and gods still linger. InnerSpace rewards exploration providing a continuously changing environment which serves as a visual aid for a narrative that takes inspiration from games like Journey.


Unforeseen Incidents

Release Date: February 1st

Hand drawn adventure games are back in full force and Unforeseen Incidents is one of the first to come out in 2018. Taking place in a small town, the story follows the adventures of handyman Harper Pendrell as he uncovers a diabolic conspiracy related to a disease spreading throughout the country. Equipped only with a multi-tool Harper has to put a stop to a plot that endangers the existence of mankind.

Unforeseen Incidents’ story sounds whimsically crazy, which is befitting for the game’s classical style filled with mysteries and puzzles like in the days of old but using a unique sketch-like visual design.



Release Date: February 16

This adventure game developed by Zoink and published by EA is all about interactivity. We’ll take control of the fox-like creature named Fe and explore a forest which is under attack by the unknown entities called the Silent Ones. We’ll use songs to interact with the environment befriending the wildlife and seeking the help of plants to gain abilities and songs that will open up new paths for exploration. The gameplay is open-ended with a minimalistic HUD and no handholding giving each player the freedom to find their way through the forest.

Fe’s gameplay feels refreshing while the distinguishable artistic direction seems to create a magical atmosphere helping the game to stand out. Fe will only be released on PC through Origin, EA’s digital distribution platform.



Release Date: Q1

TSIOQUE is a point and click adventure game in the image of classics like Day of the Tentacle and Dragon’s Lair. The game was made possible through a Kickstarter campaign that rose close to $40.000 back in 2015.

The story follows the young princess Tsioque as she tries to escape the Evil Wizard’s castle where she has been imprisoned. The narrative is dark but humorous pushing for the nostalgia of old school hand-drawn adventure games. For those interested in checking TSIOQUE out, a demo is available on Steam or through the official website.


The Last Night

Release Date: TBA

Imagine a post-cyberpunk world in which machines have surpassed human capabilities in every way and now they are working instead of us. What should be a utopian world turns out to create more problems. The old struggles are gone yet being content isn’t easy without a purpose to live for. This is the setting for The Last Night, an adventure game with a visual artistic design that’s nothing short of amazing and a premise that should have been explored by now. So be prepared to embark on a journey as a second class citizen trying to find a purpose in life by taking risks. Action will blend with adventure in a cinematic experience that looks just breathtaking in The Last Night.


Life is Strange: Season 2

Release Date: TBA

I’ve been meaning to play Life is Strange for like forever now, but as Before the Storm is about to close the circle in Max and Chloe’s story, I feel compelled more than ever to play this series. Unlike Before the Storm, Season 2 is developed by DONTNOD and it will feature a new story with a new set of characters. The game has been in the works since 2016 and the team behind it includes illustrators and writers that worked on the original game.

With Life is Strange: Season 2 in the works and the action RPG Vampyr close to release, 2018 could be a challenging but also rewarding year for DONTNOD Entertainment. I wish the studio all the best and I’m looking forward for their new narrative works.


Moons of Madness

Release Date: Q2/Q3

The rise of Lovecraftian Mythos is finally happening and Moons of Madness might just be the first in a long line of upcoming games inspired by the disturbing universe created by H.P. Lovecraft.

Moons of Madness is an adventure horror game taking place on Mars. The astronaut Shane Newart will battle hallucinations and the supernatural on the Trailblazer Alpha station as his mind is put to the test by the cosmic horrors. Like Hellblade, Moons of Madness’ narrative does focus on mental illness without antagonizing which could work really well with this kind of setting.  The gameplay is a mixture of exploration and puzzle solving with “zone outs” sequences where horror takes the foreground.

As a sucker for anything that’s even remotely inspired by Lovecraft’s magnificent work, I can’t wait for an extraterrestrial adventure that will put my nerves and mind to the test!


Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Release Date: TBA

I still didn’t get to play the 2015 adventure hit, Ori and the Blind Forest, but I’m planning to do that really soon. While I did take my time to play one of the most widely recognized games that came in the last few years, the developers at Moon Studios have been busy working on a prequel, Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

In the prequel the players will get to reprise the role of Ori, a white spirit destined for greatness and Sein, light and eyes of the forest, in a quest to find the protagonist’s true origin. In the fashion of an action adventure game with metroidvanian elements, the gameplay will focus on platforming and puzzle solving with a world unlocking systematically based on certain progression milestones.

As of now, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is planned to be released on PC only for Windows 10 through Microsoft Store. We’ll have to wait and see if more digital distribution platforms will get access to the game in the future.


Q.U.B.E. 2

Release Date: TBA

Portal has left its mark on the video game industry and many games have been born out of its legacy, one of these games is Q.U.B.E.. Now a sequel is in the works for the first-person puzzle solver. In Q.U.B.E. 2 players take the role of Amelia Cross, an archeologist who has woken up in the ruins of an ancient alien construct. Using a strange suit equipped with manipulation gloves, the players have to navigate the alien environment solving puzzles with the help of another survivor. Find answers in a thought provoking story in an attempt to escape this unknown place.


Shenmue 3

Release Date: TBA

I don’t know much about Shenmue but apparently the sequel to this action adventure series has been on many players’ wishlists. Despite the license belonging to a big publisher, Shenmue has been partially funded through an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign raising over 6 million dollars.

The players will retake the role of teenage martial artist Ryo Hazuki as he journeys to China where he meets Shenhua, a mysterious girl who has appeared in his dreams. As the two share a destiny, they travel together to face what lies ahead of them.

Shenmue 3’s original goals have been stretched up by partnering with Deep Silver to publish the game worldwide. The project has become bigger and more beautiful as it still has the financial support from SEGA and Sony. Shenmue 3 is aiming for the quality level of an AAA and it’s using Unreal Engine 4 to achieve that. The game has been postponed for the second half of 2018 and we should expect more information about it in the near future.


While not as big as I was expecting it to be this list does contains solid titles spanning different styles from classic point & click puzzle solving games to the modern narrative driven adventures. I for one am quite enthusiastic for the adventures of 2018 and I’m sure there are many more titles too look up for which I didn’t cover in my list.

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