Screenshot of the Week #148: Rise of the Tomb Kings!

by on January 30, 2018

I’m not a fan of paid DLCs, but once in a while I succumb to the temptation, the latest acquisition being Rise of the Tomb Kings for Total War: Warhammer 2.

While I did enjoy Total War: Warhammer 2, being a solid improvement over its predecessor, I lost my excitement quickly due to a busy gaming schedule. The arrival of the Tomb Kings felt like the perfect moment to make a return to the New World, the new faction playing into my fascination for fantasy work inspired by ancient Egypt.

The Tomb Kings’army roster is an impressive display of undead force and intimidating animated statues ready to crash anything that stand in their way. The roster is putting to shame the disappointing Vampire Counts giving me the chance to become undead commander I always wanted to be. But the strength of this DLC does not only lie within its unit’s design. The new campaign takes advantage of a few unique mechanics that make the singleplayer experience rather different. The new economic balance has the players worrying a bit more about management rather than the loss of a few units. The gold is scarce in the burning deserts, slowing down city’s development, while a unique currency takes over the faction’s military progression. The research tree is gone, replaced by rising dynasties that slowly but surely strengthen the desert armies and the addition of crafting further serves this goal. The start is slow and challenging, but the rise of the Tomb Kings I inevitable. Each conquest makes the armies of the desert more powerful getting them closer to the ultimate goal, the power lying within the Black Pyramid.

It looks like a lot more effort has been put into creating the Tomb Kings. There’s a certain feeling of value that’s not due to the addition of 2 legendary lords, but a merit of the whole package. Rise of the Tomb Kings is much closer to an actual expansion.

A fierce display of power!

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