Screenshot of the Week #143: From Tarkov with love!

by on November 6, 2017

Escape from Tarkov made a stop on the way to the Open Beta Test. A new patch has been released recently wiping all the progress while adding a ton of cool toys to play with. Naturally, I had to check it out despite losing all my gear, so I got hooked, again… This time around I’m enjoying the raids of Tarkov as part of a team which makes this whole experience less terrifying. I’m still losing plenty of loot to mistakes, bugs and the campers, but the process is not so painful anymore when you got someone to watch your back.

The update has brought many improvements, the most notable are those related to client and server performance. The gameplay is now so much smoother and I can enjoy the shooting mechanics without being constantly interrupted by frames hiccups. However, the lag problems haven’t been fully addressed and desync can still ruin with ease a good run. The other big component of this update are the numerous items that have been added  which provide even more gameplay enhancing options through gun’s customizations.

I’m not sure what the Open Beta has in store for us other than the Hideout. But Battlestate Games has teased us through interviews making the wait even more painful. Now that my stash is chockfull again, December can’t come any sooner to release me from my hoarding misery!

My teammate died shortly after this.