Screenshot of the Week #139: Battle Chasers!

by on October 2, 2017

With all the cRPG games that we have been getting in the latest years I feel like a quality jRPG distraction designed for westerners would be a great idea. And there we have Battle Chasers: Nightwar, a crowdfunded jRPG based on the short lived but popular comic book with the same name.

Battle Chasers launches on PC just two years after its successful Kickstarter campaign, skipping entirely the Early Access phase that has been plaguing the latest crowdfunded titles. The game main feature is a combination of 2D artistic drawings with 3D models and areas to create the game’s visuals which are often intertwined with cut-scenes resembling the action of a comic book. This visual style is absolutely charming, complementing a rather entertaining story about a group of lovable heroes stranded on an unknown island filled with dangers.

The gameplay follows the standard recipe of jRPGs. The exploration is mostly done through the world map where enemy encounters can be found triggering combat sequences of up to 3v3 viewed from an almost sidescrolling angle. The combat is flashy putting the comic book style into motion with some spectacular abilities. There is tactic involved, but don’t expect an XCOM going into this, but rather some unavoidable grind that may or may not be on your liking. There’s also some dungeon exploration, tiered into multiple difficulty levels, which works in a rather peculiar way with a randomized map that’s explored block by block for quests, treasure and challenge. It’s quite a neat concept that works well with the mechanics used by the game.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is an extremely charming and stylized game. It has its annoying quirks in terms of gameplay and the storytelling isn’t exactly following the classic presentation, but there is a lot to love about its visual, world and characters.

(This article is based on a press copy of the game provided by the developer.)

Mimics don’t scare me anymore!


Not played Battle Chasers Nightwar not yet but hearing a lot of praise around it recently. Might just have to give it a shot 🙂

It’s a pretty cool game, but more due to artistic direction rather than gameplay. I’ll have a full review up soon.