ELEX – Legendary weapons and where to find them

by on October 31, 2017

ELEX, the latest RPG from Piranha Bytes, had me immersed into its fascinating science-fantasy setting for close to 80 hours. There is a lot to discover in this game’s open world riddled with secrets including a long series of legendary weapons. The moment I discovered the first legendary weapon I started a quest of my own to find them all. I’m not sure if I actually did, but here’s how to find the 20 I got so far:

Warning! There might be some spoilers ahead.


Snake Bite – One Handed Sword

Snake Bite is a low level one handed sword with poisonous damage and lower stat requirements which can be acquired after just a few minutes into the game. The weapon is found in Goliet inside Sinda’s shop on the left side from the entrance. Stealth is not necessarily required to steal this weapon without being detected.


Ignis Artifex – Two Handed Sword

Ignis Artifex is a two handed sword with fire damage and lower stat requirements that can come in handy in early game for those going for a more face to face approach. This weapon is located on the small island just south-east of Goliet. In the center of the island are the ruins of a well that has at the bottom a rock with the sword stuck in it. While Ignis Artifex is a weapon meant to be used early, the area is roamed by a powerful mutant.


Ironfist’s Shield

Ironfist’s Shield is a berserker’s shield that provides resistance to lightning damage. Despite being located in a reaver’s compound just north of the Small Camp, pretty much the first teleporter in the game, it’s not easy to acquire this shield early on. There are numerous reavers inside the compound, including one equipped with a jetpack, making the fight rather difficult at lower levels. The best way to win this fight is to kite the reavers to the companions stationed in the Small Camp which will join the fight pretty much wreaking havoc through the enemies.


Gaia’s Wrath – One Handed Mace

Gaia’s Wrath is a one handed mace with low stat requirements and a low damage value. What makes this weapon quite viable are two available gem slots which provide extra room for enhancements. This weapon can be found on a shelf on the bottom floor of the building north of the Valley of the Damned teleporter.


Kiss of Death – Two Handed Axe

Kiss of Death is the most powerful melee weapon I found. It’s a two handed axe that deals a hefty amount of ice damage. This weapon can be found not far from Gaia’s Wrath in a gruesome cave south of the Valley of the Damned teleporter. The area can be accessed either by walking into the cave straight from the teleporter or by dropping through an opening above using the jetpack, but no matter the path taken a fight is imminent. Rotboars and rottmolchs in the area will attack in packs, however the biggest challenge is the Patron guarding the weapon.

Considering the high stat requirements for this weapon it’s really no rush in acquiring it. But if you really want to have it, I suggest bringing a flamethrower. It might take a few minutes, but the flame ball fire mode will keep enemies at bay with proper aim while slowly roasting them.


Hammer of Advent – Two Handed Hammer

Hammer of Advent is another two handed melee weapon meant to be used in early game having a good amount of fire damage. This weapon can be found south-east of the Domed City teleporter on the shore of a lake that has a rather mellow troll bathing in it.


Archon’s Might – Laser Rifle

Archon’s Might is the only futuristic legendary gun with low enough stats requirements to be used early, yet it can’t be acquired easily without having a certain knowledge of the game. A warning (!!!), knowing this gun’s location comes with a spoiler as the player should be lead here by a series of quests. So, if you don’t want your experience spoiled, now it would be a good time to stop reading.

Archon’s Might is situated in the thief’s guild hideout beneath the Domed City. The hideout can be accessed through multiple ways. The most accessible path is climbing the mountain north of the Small Farm teleporter which will lead to a secluded cave hidden behind a wall of vegetation. The second entrance can be accessed by circling the Domed City towards its west side and dropping down the mountain with the jetpack. There is a third option through the inn in the Domed City. In all cases a special key (claw, see Katta or Rat) is required to gain unrestricted access to the thief’s den, but once you do the Archon’s Might can be looted without any problems.


Sword of Advent – One Handed Sword

Sword of Advent is a one handed sword that deals lightning damage and has a higher dexterity requirement rather than strength. This is one of the easiest weapons to obtain in the game as it’s situated at the top of the cleric’s fortress in the Domed City. There is no need to sneak past the guards to get on the upper floors of the fortress as the clerics forgot to build a rooftop. All you need to do is to use the jetpack and get to the Infinite Skies shrine, from there search the far end corners of the shrine for a ladder that leads straight to the sword’s location.


The Phantom String – Bow

The Phantom String is a legendary bow with a pretty high range that can put to shame some of the more advanced weapons in the game. It’s found at the top of the tower in Origin or the Camp in the Center.


The Staker

The Staker is a harpoon gun with good damage that’s best suitable for strength characters as it doesn’t require a high dexterity level. This weapon is found in the building south of the dam that separates Abessa from Ignadon. There aren’t really any threats close by this gun, just a long walk.


The Redemeer – Plasma Rifle

The Redemeer is a devastating plasma rifle capable of stunlocking enemies to death. This overpowered gun is found on the rooftop of the North Abessa Convertor. Be advised, the area is riddled with Albs and their death machines.


Dr. Strange – Rocket Launcher

Another lovely named weapon, Dr. Strange is the legendary iteration for the rocket launcher. This gun can be found in the basement of the castle ruins east of Origin and west of Tavar Mountains teleporter. The ruins aren’t easy to conquer as they are jam packed with reavers including a few of their bosses which mean serious business with their heavy guns.


The Armor Cracker – One Handed Axe

The Armor Cracker is a one handed axe with average stat requirements that deals radiation damage. This weapon is found in a radioactive crater north-east of Sandy Pines, the entry point to the Tavar desert. Navigating the area requires a decent amount of radiation resistance which can be increased on the spot with chems and by using specific gear like the Protective Mask or certain rings and amulets. But as you probably expected, the radiation isn’t the only danger in this area, rippers, slime drakons and other mutants roam the crater.


Daryl’s Revenge – Crossbow

A tribute to one of the most beloved character of The Walking Dead TV show, Daryl’s Revenge is a crossbow located in Tavar, on a mountain cliff west of the Convertor. Reaching this area from the convertor’s teleporter requires a lot of jetpack climbing.


Thunderclap – Shotgun

Thunderclap is a powerful shotgun. This gun of the old world has to be stolen straight from the Duke’s treasury located in the upper level of his tower in the Fort of Tavar. The easiest way to steal this gun is to come during the night time when there is no guard blocking the door to the treasury. 


The Executor – Laser Rifle

The Executor is a laser rifle with lower stat requirements than some of its brothers and sisters. This gun is easy to obtain being located in a metallic building in a checkpoint compound just north of the Fort of Tavar. All the enemies in the surroundings can be avoided with ease while using the jetpack to reach the top of the building in question.


Calaan’s Bulwark – Energy Shield

Calaan’s Bulwark is an energy shield that provides additional poison resistance. The shield is found on the second floor of the Cathedral of Hort pretty much unprotected. Stealing it is really a walk in the park as the Cathedral has no restrictions for its upper floor and the patrols are scarce.


The Furnace

The Furnace is a flamethrower that can stunlock enemies with the flame ball fire mode. On top of its imbalanced qualities this weapon deals a ton of burst damage in the area of impact while also setting all the enemies hit by it on fire. The Furnace is equipped with a special magazine which can hold 35 more fuel than the standard flamethrower which makes up for the sacrifice in mobility.

The Furnace can be found in the engineering bay of Hort, north of the Cathedral teleporter. It’s situated in a room above the NPC Godehard and it can be accessed only via jetpack.


The Mortal Beam – Laser Blaster

The Mortal Beam is a laser rifle. As the name implies, this weapon is absolutely deadly, granting an extra advantage against the malformed of Magalan with its Mutant Killer perk. This is the most powerful energy based gun in the game and as it was expected it can’t be acquired easily.

The Mortal Beam is situated at the base of the volcano west of Hort and north-west of the Volcano teleported. Navigating the complex where the gun is located is tricky due to its verticality and the amount of the powerful mutants that reside in it.


The Widowmaker – Grenade Launcher

The Widowmaker is the most powerful weapon I found in the many hours I spent exploring the world of Magalan. It’s a grenade launcher that shoots a burst of three grenades at a time. This amazing gun can be found in Ignadon, at the bottom of the mountain north-east of the Hangar. Approach this location carefully as a mountain troll pretty much sits on the weapon and a few rippers can be found not too far from it.


The time spent in Elex was quite enjoyable and I felt compelled to go the extra mile and find as many legendary weapons as possible. I believe there is a legendary iteration for each weapon type in the game. But despite my obsessive searching I could only find 20 weapons. However, I’m not entirely done with Elex yet, so I’ll keep digging and I will update this article with any new findings.