Screenshot of the Week #134: Gravity defying fun!

by on August 21, 2017

Oh boy, is this the most delayed Screenshot of the Week or what? I wouldn’t have written this if I didn’t feel the need to talk a bit about LawBreakers, the online FPS from CliffyB & Co (Boss Key Productions) that came out just a few weeks ago.

LawBreakers is pretty much an homage to old school arena shooters with a facelift to endure through today’s gaming times. But despite the balanced path it has taken the sales underperformed (at least on PC). I somewhat expected this to happen (to a degree) not because it’s a bad game, even though it has its problems. But like Titanfall 2, LawBreakers is not an easy game to get into. It has an extremely skill based gameplay which makes it less appealing from the get go against a much more streamlined competition. It doesn’t help that the tutorials aren’t all that great or the production value could be better but trades evenly with the price and the promise of free content. Actually, if I had to put my finger on the sales issue, I’m more inclined to blame the weak marketing for the tricky situation.

Innovation is something I’ve been searching for years in video games. Not the innovation made for the sake of it, but the one designed to fit within the game’s design and LawBreakers has done quite well in this regard. The gravity zones in the middle of each map provide quite an interesting transition from combat ruled by skill to chaotic combat ruled by even more skill. It’s a good concept that goes really well with the backwards shooting and the different classes which are almost equally potent in most situations. It’s a mix of movement and shooting like with a few twists and both these elements are difficult enough to handle by themselves, so imagine how they are together or the satisfaction to get the hold on them.

I like LawBreakers, I said this during its early testing stages and I reiterated it during the last Beta I played. I’m glad it has finally come out, yet I can’t stop but worrying where would the game go from this point. I really want more classes, more maps, more game modes, a ranked system and even more skins, yet all that hangs in the balance with the current situation. But like I stood behind Titanfall 2’s multiplayer in its time of need, I stand behind LawBreakers. Maybe when the players need a break from the current phenomenon that’s Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, they’ll do what I did, have some gravity defying fun!

I saved my rockets for this moment!