Screenshot of the Week #132: Fortnite!

by on July 31, 2017

I recently decided to limit my video games expenditures due to my somewhat limited time and financial problems. From now on I’ll be focusing on one or two games each month instead of being distracted left and right without getting anything done. The choice for July is Fortnite, Epic Games’ first Early Access release.

Fortnite is an odd one, a mix of games and genres into something that might seem weird and slow paced at first, but it’s actual engaging and entertaining (that if you don’t mind grinding). It’s basically a horde mode loot shooter with a bunch of tower defense, survival, MMO and mobile games elements shoved together into one colorful yet lovely looking package. A game focused on heavily tiered progression that will have you grinding for many hours just to reach its end game, but you will most likely do it with a smile on your face. Why? Because it’s fun! And if you got some friends to play with gets even better.

Despite suffering a grinding PTSD after my intense years of MMORPGs, I love the time spent in this game. The grinding fatigue hasn’t got to me yet and the good shooting mechanics and progression system keep me distracted most of the time. But I dig the most about Fortnite is its almost charismatic visual and artistic design. Vivid colors and a comical environment make for a great entertainment combo.

Fortnite is a cunning game. It’s a mesmerizing experience with a great production value and well put together elements that sometimes make me oblivious to its faults like the weird business model or the mobile/facebook style mini-games. But I’m willing to give those a pass in this article and praise it for what it is, a combination of addictive online gaming elements. Six years of development have left an imprint on this game. Looking past the confusing menus and other annoyances, you can actually see the love and dedication that went into making Fortnite.

It’s a storm coming.