Screenshot of the Week #131: Ladder hell!

by on July 17, 2017

Everyone who has played online games with me before knows that I’m quite a competitive madman. I can’t stand losing and because of that I get quite focused on the competitive games that I like, the latest in line being Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (yes, another screenshot from PUBG). I do prefer leagues over standard leaderboards but this hasn’t stopped me from crawling my way through the duo ladder of European. It’s quite a test of skill, patience and ultimately anger management, with the latter being my weakest point despite my potato aiming moments. I can get really mad when I screw up and even more mad when my teammate does it, but that’s doubled in Battlegrounds as its Early Access status does come with a few nasty bugs here and there. I know the game’s state and I know my personality, but what can you do against the addictive thrill of competition? I pick up a game and go with it to be as good as I can be. It might take a toll on my nervous system, but in the end, the sweet taste of victory coupled with the ladder climbing makes it all worth it. So, 400 hours into the game I’m still not getting the proper hang on the shooting, but nevertheless, I made it to top 100 and I’m here to stay!

I can feel my epeen growing!