Screenshot of the Week #116: Glory to Mankind!

by on March 20, 2017

Between Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds CBT, LawBreakers CBT and NieR: Automata it was a busy gaming weekend. I did give the two closed beta tests a fair share amount of my time but NieR: Automata came on top in a surprising way. Why surprisingly? Because I tend to have a problem with games which aren’t ported all that well and NieR is one of those games. But I pulled through as I was sucked into a world where anime meets The Witcher 3 to fascinating results. My stubbornness does make me suffer as I’m using mouse and keyboard which doesn’t allow to fully using some of the game’s mechanics. But I tend to forget about some of Automata’s obvious problems while slashing through mechanical enemies and enjoying the surprisingly well written quests part of an intriguing narrative. There must be strange times when RPG is coming to life from where was little hope for while the promised games fail to achieve that.

NieR: Automata has captured my heart with its sexy anime style, dynamic combat and a story that’s as intriguing as it can get. I’m torn between wanting to see the endings (there are many) as quickly as possible and enjoying the game’s experience at the pace it was design for.NieN