Screenshot of the Week #115: A Bolivian vista!

by on March 13, 2017

Ghost Recon Wildlands has lost the tactical elements which defined the series for half a decade to a streamlined gameplay that’s closer to GTA or Just Cause than the original game or the follow ups GRAW 1 & 2. But while this article could turn on a typical rant I’ll reserve that for a potential upcoming review and instead focus, briefly, on one of Wildlands’ greatest qualities.

Wildlands is by no mean a tactical simulator but surely is on the right track of becoming a screenshot simulator. The game’s action takes place in Bolivia an enormous land riddled with human and wild life spread throughout a wide range of biomes which naturally transition from one another. This meticulously crafted open world is a true spectacle of landmarks and vistas capable to take your eyes away from the game’s visual vaults. When I’m tired of running around grinding through repetitive objectives I take a deep breath as I look around me and see something like this:

The view!