Screenshot of the Week #113: Praise the Sun!

by on February 26, 2017

The Dark Souls saga is coming to an end at the same time I’m on a weird quest of completing all the achievements for games that I play and enjoy which incidentally include Dark Souls and Dark Souls III. I’m quite aware that this isn’t a healthy attitude towards gaming and I think I’ve already missed the mark on 2 articles because of this so called goals, but what can you do when gaming OCD takes over? This might be my last time playing Dark Souls for a long period of time and I’m going out with a bang. I’ve been destroying bosses left and right while collecting everything that’s there to collect and forming new theories based on a better understanding of this universe’s lore after Dark Souls III. This new playthrough has been quite interesting because despite the multitude of annoying technical issues the gameplay experience still felt enticingly fresh. Which brings me to my dilemma. While I’m looking forward for the Ringed City DLC and the story revelations it might bring (show us those Primordial Serpents again!) I do have a feeling of regret for the end of a troubled but beautiful saga.

Notice me Solaire senpai!