Three years of games slashing!!!

by on January 31, 2017

Three years have slipped by and I’m almost as enthusiastic as I was in the first day. I still feel that urge to write things down every chance I get, I’m not sure if it’s part of a now internal discipline, a routine or it’s my continuous need to express my thoughts about gaming, maybe a little bit of all three. The creative process involved is unchanged, each time I go through the same battle between inspiration and self doubt with an end result that’s never good enough for me. But I feel there is an evolution, even if slight, an evolution which allows me to better transpose what I’m thinking on the virtual paper. I try not to dwell too often in such details, maybe because there’s such a thin line I call confidence and I don’t want to test its fragility or I’m too scared of gratification in any form.

Three years have passed and the retrospective ain’t bad: hundreds of thousands of words, which for the most part I still stand by, comprising over 260 articles, most of which are mine (Wolfe has gotten lazy). A pretty good record that’s increasing with each week almost unimpaired by the burnouts that in the past would have put an end to such activities or the problems that have been plaguing my personal life. I guess that’s the result of doing something you like and as I write this I feel my face turning from its normal frowny expression into a smile. That’s right, I’m doing something I like and it feels somewhat good!

I’ve been slashing through PC video games for all these years, maybe not with the intensity that I wanted, but I haven’t given up on my principles nor my critical view. And all this time TopSOUL stood in the shadows with his never-ending support helping set my writing on a better path. Wolfe has brought his contribution through picky reviews mostly about the RPGs he likes, while others have given their support through encouraging words and constructive criticism. And for all this I want to thank you and I hope you’ll stick around for the next chapter. But enough with getting emotional, I have articles to work on!


Happy Birthday The Game Slashers!!!