Screenshot of the Week #102: Only in Squad!

by on November 13, 2016

2 was launched this week and like many of the AAA games released lately is a
technical mess on PC, so I put it on the back burner until it’s fixed. I also
can’t seem to get myself into a mood for RPGs despite my repeated attempts, so
Tyranny’s release didn’t come at the greatest moment for me. So how did I spend
my weekend in which I ignored the two biggest titles of the week? I played
had a free weekend short after Alpha 8 was released which was intriguing enough
to bring me back. It was also a good opportunity to convince some of my
gaming buddies to get into this amazing game made by an indie studio that seems
to deliver on their promises. It took me one match to get hooked again and the
gameplay bears the fault for that with its depth that puts to shame the last
military shooter I played. Squad has come along nicely with a ton of new content
including vehicles which have completely changed the tactics used on the
battlefield. Even the performance has been greatly improved since the last time
I played and the game runs smoothly without the fps drops which used to ruin
the immersion for me. There is a lot more work to be done to this game and it’s far from release, but as it stands now, Squad delivers a war experience that you can find in few other games.
glad that Squad is evolving into a fully fledged game and a real competitor for ARMA 3. Shooters have been tremendously streamlined in the latest years and
it’s good to have a few games out there that aren’t afraid of complexity.
Teamwork can’t beat physics!