Things you should know about Battlefield 1!

by on October 21, 2016

                Battlefield 1 was officially released this morning for those who didn’t pay extra for the Early Enlister version. Many of you are really excited and can’t wait for the launch. Here are a few tips holding the necessary knowledge to help the beginners out there to jump into the game combat ready, but could also be useful for the rusty veterans.
Ranking up and unlocking new weapons
                Since the modern times of the Battlefield series, all the games had a ranking system and Battlefield 1 makes no exception to this rule. What Battlefield 1 does differently is the way weapons are unlocked. In the past ranking up your class or your character was enough to unlock the weapons in the order set by the developers. Battlefield 1 provides a bit more freedom in this matter. Each level up of your character rank awards a progressively increasing number of Warbonds, a currency that can be used to unlock weapons and gadgets which are gated behind each particular class rank. The advantage given by this new system is that players can now choose the order in which they unlock their weapons, instead of having it forced onto them. For the completists out there, Battlefield 1 will have you working as each class can be ranked up to 10 and the character can go up to 100.
The variation is real!
Customize your weapon
                Weapon customization is something so used in the modern shooters that I could count on the fingers from one hand those that don’t have this feature implemented in one way or another. Even a WWI era shooter didn’t escape the grasps of this popular feature. Battlefield 1 comes with a more limited customization for your weapons and I’m not talking about skins (those are present as well). The weapon customization in Battlefield 1 includes changes to sights, bayonets, magnification, recoil direction and reticle, but without a heavy impacting on the weapon’s performance. These new customizations are more of a preference choice than anything else.
Use your class to its full potential
                The classes system is as old as the series itself, but over the years the system has received various modifications. With Battlefield 1 the classes return a bit more to the roots with some changes that I would consider for the better.
                To the delight of the fans, Assault and Medic are again two distinct classes with the Medic reprising the role of saving lives while Assault has inherited the destructive potential of the Engineer. The Engineer class is now gone being repurposed into the Tanker class, which is a specific role with its own loadout automatically chosen when spawning in a tank.
                Each class has a defined role and you should always remember that the game’s combat balance revolves around this. The Assault class is your typical storm trooper equipped with shotguns and SMGs capable of efficient CQC and enough explosives to blow up tanks of any kind. The Medic class is your life saver, distributing an unlimited number of med packs and capable of bringing players back from the dead. The Support class, as the name suggests, provides support on the battlefield either by covering the team’s assault with heavy weapons or resupplying the soldiers with ammunition, grenades and other destructive consumables. The Scout class is your eye on the battlefield, using scopes to spot the enemy’s movement and powerful bolt-action rifles to diminish their numbers from afar.
Choose the class that suits you and play your role for the team.
Not even close!
Be a squad leader
                The squad leader is not just a title, it comes with powers and responsibilities. The squad leaders have the ability to kick players out of the squad or make the squad private. They can also issue squad orders to attack and defend objects. These orders are a good way of non-verbal communication, helping the teamwork and tactical play while also awarding additional points to the squad for following them.
I take video games leadership seriousl!
Spot enemies
                The spotting system has been an essential mechanic in the latest Battlefield games providing information for the team and helping to deal with those dreadful snipers. The spotting system in Battlefield 1 is a bit more realistic, it marks units but doesn’t stay up for long requiring constant updates in order to follow a target. Even so, its utility is crucial, the information provided can save lives by exposing enemy infantry and incoming vehicles for those unaware giving them a small time to react.
Wait for the medic
With the tickets system gone, dying in Battlefield 1 only means waiting for the respawn timer. While the players can instantly press the assigned key (space) to return to the respawn screen, it is indicated to stay dead until the respawn time runs out rather than return to the menu and set a new spawning location. By doing so you are giving your medics the chance to get you back into the action faster, if not, you might be jerking around with the medics who might run towards you just to find out you’ve returned to the spawning screen, wasting their time and putting their lives in danger.
The temptation!
Use your gas mask
                Gas grenades are a real threat in Battlefield 1, while the death is slower than that caused by a frag grenade, you can still go down in a matter of seconds or drop to a low amount of health becoming an easy target. By default, T is the key to equip the gas mask, make its usage instinctual because you will need it. Just keep in mind that your accuracy will suffer because the gas mask doesn’t allow aiming down sight.
Tactical grenades
                Every soldier might be equipped with a gas mask but this doesn’t make gas grenade useless. Soldiers in Battlefield 1 have some good choices of tactical grenades which come in handy in both attack or defense scenarios. Gas and incendiary grenades can block pathways allowing your team to assault unhindered or can momentary stop an attack while your team regroups to defend. Smoke grenade can be used to obtain the same results by creating a wall of smoke reducing visibility to zero.
                Frag grenades might be a tempting option as they destroy cover and have a higher chance to kills, but tactical grenades are part of the teamwork kit.
Just ignore the horrible flame effects!
Vehicles and cavalry can break the line
                The new vehicle classes are an addition to Battlefield 1 that make sense from a gameplay perspective. When spawning in a tank, airplane or on the horse, you will be automatically assigned the Tanker, Pilot or Cavalry class, each having a specific loadout suitable for the job. While the cavalry makes great use of the loadout at all times, the Tanker and Pilot most often use only their repair tool. The importance of these classes come from the vehicles (or animal) they control, these vehicles (or animals) provide a huge tactical advantage on the battlefield if used correctly. Use tanks and cavalry to break the defensive line of an objective and airplanes to get enemies out of cover and to destroy armored vehicles or tanks. Vehicles coupled with teamwork and intelligent play will make all the difference.
Tactical yolo!
The Elite classes are deadly when used right
                The Elite Classes are a new feature in Battlefield 1 inspired by DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront. Each map has three fixed locations where at a given time a certain Elite Class kit is spawned. Picking up this kit will replace your current loadout with a new and more powerful one. The three Elite Classes currently available are Tank Hunter, Sentry and Flame Trooper. Tank Hunter is equipped with a powerful sniper rifle which can deal damage to armored vehicles and tanks but can only be used while proned. Sentry has a mobile heavy machine gun with a pretty wide bullet spread and a powerful plate armor which can stop a considerable amount of bullets. Flame Trooper is wielding a flame thrower capable of frying enemies from a considerable distance and wears a flame resistant suit to protect itself from the dangers of its own weapon.
                Elite Classes are good at assisting the infantry and breaking the enemy lines. While powerful, these classes can be cornered and killed, so teamwork is required to get a full use out of them.
Holding the line!
Commo Rose
                By public demand the Commo Rose has made a return in Battlefield 3 and ever since has been present in the main titles of the series, including this WWI epic. By pressing Q (the default key) you will access a menu full of commands that could make the players around aware. You can use the Commo Rose to ask for med packs or ammunition, provide short information or ask for assistance in combat. As Battlefield is a series where players rarely use the VOIP in useful means, get used with the Commo Rose to communicate as best as this feature allows it.
Can’t you see I’m injured?!
                While Battlefield 1’s gameplay depth is still up for discussion, there are a considerable number of tricks and mechanics I didn’t cover in this article and you will learn by playing. This list will just smooth your way into the game, reminding things that you might have forgotten and evening the edge against the players who already accumulated enough experience through the Alpha and Beta tests and the game’s early access launch.
Good luck on the battlefield soldier!