Screenshot of the Week #97: Swimming lessons!

by on October 9, 2016


wanted to write something about Endless Space 2 since its Early Access release
was quite a big deal for me because I’ve been enjoying this series from the
beginning, but this week’s highlight goes to Mafia III.
                I can’t
say that I’m a Mafia fan, I played the previous games and I think they were
great, but stories about the Mob are not really my coup of tea. But as a sucker
for 3rd person shooters I gave Mafia III a shot and I’m enjoying it.
I’m not that far into the game, but I got to experience what the gameplay has
to offer and I’m very content with the shooting mechanics and the stealth sections.
Despite people being worried about it, the story seems pretty good and it’s
backed by one of the most amazing voice acting. There is also the 60s setting
which is quite a rare sight in video games and with it comes all kind of music
that I like. But suddenly, the list of good things stops here.
Arkham Knight before, Mafia III is another example of a game with potential
ruined by technical issues. To be more precise, Mafia III is a technical mess.
It all started with a 30fps lock which kept me away from the game until it got
patched, but that’s just the sharp tip of the iceberg. The graphics are blurry
and visibly outdated with a ton of glitches and laughable problems. For a game
that looks outdated the optimization is a mess. The AI is questionable,
sometimes the NPCs act surprisingly well, other times they are total idiots. The
list of problems is huge and filled with both frustrating and amusing bugs. I
think soon there will be more funny videos about this game than actual gameplay
ones and that’s a bit sad. Not because Mafia III doesn’t deserve to be shamed,
but because behind all these problems hides a game that probably needed just a
few more months of development and QA…
Hardcore training for the Olympics!
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