Screenshot of the Week #100: Stand by for Titanfall!

by on October 30, 2016


                It may
be overshadowed by the latest or future releases, but Titanfall 2 came out last
week and from my experience so far I can say it’s great. I’m saving the
campaign for when I’m done with my current singleplayer “project”, but the
multiplayer comes as an improvement in every aspect over its predecessor.
was quite innovative at the time, but it died quickly due to the lack of
content and the separation of the playerbase through unnecessary DLCs. Respawn
Entertainment has learned from past mistakes and in addition to a singleplayer
campaign, Titanfall 2 comes with more multiplayer content and a ton of
most important thing to say about the multiplayer is the expansion of every
possible option the players have to customize their loadout. While Titanfall
had a shortage of weapons and titans, Titanfall 2 offers a good amount of
choices without overdoing it just for the sake of it. There are enough weapons to
play with accompanied by enough customizations to adjust them to your needs.
The titans also have received an overhaul for the better, now six in number, each
titan comes with its own weapon and a wide array of abilities to make these
powerful war machines unique. Like all these changes weren’t enough, there are a ton of
cosmetic unlockables that will have completists playing for months to unlock
them all.
terms of gameplay, the game hasn’t changed much, it’s still the same fast paced
shooter combining futuristic warfare with parkour in a spectacular fashion. The
time-to-kill has been reduced (to my disliking) which is part due to an improved
netcode (yay!) and part to a drastic reduction in the pilot’s health pool, but
I’ve already adjusted to this change. The classic game modes made a return with
a few new ones to add variety for those already tired of Attrition and
Hardpoint. I can’t say I have many complaints about the multiplayer at this
point and I’ve sunk over 6-7 hours into it, but from my experience so far I can
say that the game could use a ranking system and a few more maps. While I know
nothing about a possible ranking system, more maps will be added to the game in
the future and this time around they will be free for everyone.
might be too early to say, but from all the shooters I’ve played this year,
Titanfall 2 seems like my best investment. The game probably won’t keep me
playing for hundreds of hours, but there is no harm in that, I favor quality
over quantity every time.
My powerful friend is coming!