Screenshot of the Week #83: I need cheese for the wine!

by on May 15, 2016

latest news about Blood and Wine, The Witcher 3 last expansion, got me excited and
since GOG has no cloud saves and my older saves are nowhere to be found, I
decided to go through the game one more time in preparation for the upcoming release
on 31 May.
                Going through
The Witcher 3 one more time refreshed my memory on certain aspects. The game’s
writing and quest design still top everything I’ve been playing since. The
music and voice acting haven’t aged a day and the graphics hold up nicely, a
year after its release. Even if the game has been visibly improved through
numerous patches, including tweaks to some of its mechanics, the combat system
and various other gameplay aspects are still underwhelming for a game of such
scale. After over 100 hours spent in Dark Souls III I needed several hours to accommodate
myself to The Witcher’s 3 weirdly annoying combat system and even now it still
feels unnatural. But, despite the problems, I still think The Witcher 3 is an
RPG not to be missed by fans of the genre and non-fans alike.
and Wine promises great improvements to the core game, while Geralt embarks on
a last adventure following his retirement plan in the lands of Toussaint. With
over 30 hours of content, graphics designed from scratch, new monsters and
items, new gameplay mechanics and what can only be another intriguing story,
Blood and Wine surely does sound like an expansion like in the old days.
Maybe they can help me!
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