Screenshot of the Week #68: Strange places

by on January 17, 2016


recently embarked on an adventure in the Sunless Sea which took me to strange and
wondrous places some of which I want to revisit and some which I want to
forget. From pirates citadels to islands engulfed in a rat’s civil war I
thought I’ve seen everything, yet, every time I set sail to an uncharted
territory I’m surprised by something new, different and sometimes terrifying.
The vastness of the Unterzee has given birth through
isolation to unimaginable things and one has to always be prepared because
sometimes the land is more dangerous than the sea. As a captain set on mapping
this sunless world I respect the sea but I know that my eagerness for
exploration will one day upset it and it will take me. But in this dark world a
captain lives by the Unterzee and dies by the Unterzee.
The postmen’s island.
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