Screenshot of the Week #66: A mad start!

by on January 3, 2016


                This is
the opening article for the year 2016 a year in which I will continue my quest
of improving this blog and my writing while trying to keeping up with the new
releases by writing as many articles as possible. I’m not going to make many
promises as I tried before and rarely worked out well, but 2015 went pretty
well and I’m almost positive things will only get better. Hopefully my collaborations will continue with more articles from a different perspective than my own.
plan for January is to get the upcoming games articles going. They should have
been ready by now but real life intervened and the articles got postponed.
There is a lot of work to be done on these articles because it seems like the
year 2016 is full of interesting and promising video games and I don’t want to
skip on any of them.
                The end of the year found me playing games that I’ve missed at their time being from 2015 or
previous years. I’ve gave Mad Max a chance since the game is like the working
version of a Batman game, but having a hero without a cape and no friends. I’ve
found it quite enjoyable and relaxing. The good vibe sent by the movie make Mad
Max special and the lack of car fighting games make it almost unique.
I also returned to XCOM but this time playing the expanded
version Enemy Within in preparation for XCOM 2. I still find the game
overrated, but I can’t deny that the combat is really good and the expansion
improves on the original game which had some annoying flaws.
These holidays Rust joined my list of survival games I’ve
played. There are striking similarities between this game and ARK. But on the
positive side of things, Rust doesn’t seem such a horrible grind fest, it can be
extremely punishing as your entire work can be lost if your base has a bad
design (by the game’s standards) or if you make the wrong enemies or don’t make
friends. Still, I’m going to continue playing it in a more casual fashion since
it has lots of high adrenaline moments that I’ve been missing since the last
time I’ve played an online survival game.
ending the end of the year retrospective with hope that the New Year will be
filled with good games and The Game Slashers will deliver the highest quality
articles to date following the same principles of objective criticism.
Happy New Year!
Turning everything to ashes!
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