The Best Online Game

by on December 30, 2015


seems fairly easy to choose the Online game from 2015 with the most impact.
This year we had GTA V Online, Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns, Call of Duty Black
Ops III, Star Wars Battlefront, Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, Rainbow Six
Siege and many others, including many MMOs changing business model and even
some going free to play.
Wars 2 Heart of Thorns is the first expansion released by ArenaNet after three
years of providing free content for the core game. Not only the expansion is
great bringing by enough new content to keep the players going for quite a
while, but the core game has become free to play in such a nonrestrictive way
that puts the actual free to play games to shame.
Heart of Thorns adds four new large areas in the Jungle of
Maguuma. The new areas are difficult but interesting to explore and very
rewarding. To help with the exploration an upgradeable glider has been added to
the game that said NO to mounts repeatedly which seems like a great choice by
the developers. The glider is fun and easy to use but has a bit of skill cap if
you want to arrive safely in the harder to reach areas of the new maps or if
you want to score high in the new challenging adventures.
the expansion’s release Heart of Thorns has received an extremely challenging
10man raid to give the hardcore PvE players more things to do. The PvP players
are enjoying a rebalancing of the maps in WvW with the addition of a new map.
The Structured PvP has received a new map and mode inspired by MoBAs, but more
importantly the long waited Guild vs Guild is here and so is the ranked system.
is also a new profession, the Revenant, while all professions now have an elite
specialization which allows the usage of a new weapon and new abilities. A lot
of balancing has been done between the professions to make them more
competitive and equally strong in PvE and PvP.
of Thorns a new personal story continues from where the Living Story has left
and does a lot of things right compared with the original one. The story feels
rushed and a little too short for what it has to present skipping on
information that should tie some of the story episodes together. Even so, it
does a great job for an MMO and opens up loads of possibilities for future
Living Story Seasons and expansions.
are a ton of new interesting things to do in Guild Wars 2 and the previous
politics for gear quality and the maximum level haven’t been changed as the old
gear isn’t outdated and the level cap remains at level 80 thus validating the
player’s work. Instead the expansion added a new mechanic named Masteries which
acts as a new progression system.
list of new additions, improvements and changes is gigantic. What it’s
important is that most of the things on that list are great news for the game
and its players including those who continue to play the core game. The life
span of Guild Wars 2 has been extended tremendously and not in the artificial
carrot on a stick way which most of the MMOs use.
ArenaNet will continue to support the game with free content
and probably a new Season of Living Story proving once again that high quality
MMOs can exist with a non-subscription based business model.