The Best and The Worst of 2015

by on December 30, 2015


year 2015 was full of controversial moments, not because of the release of
Hatred, in fact the most controversial thing related to this game was the fact
that it was pulled from Steam for a short period of time. What stand out the
most this year are the horrible things that we the gamers had to endure, the
things which are threatening our awesome hobby. Aggressive false advertisement,
games launched in a deplorable state and even unfinished products are some of
the issues that came up more often than in the previous years. While for many
they have been forgotten, for me these problems are still fresh and I would
like to remind everyone of the dangers of these practices. The developers and
publishers are taking us for fools more than ever and with ignorance we won’t
get anywhere. So I want you to remember that in 2015 we were tricked multiple
times by multiple publishers/developers and this probably won’t stop here. We
need laws to protect us from these horrible practices and we need them now! The
first step has been taken with the introduction of the refund option by
multiple sellers. Because of this one developer/publisher was forced to retract
its game and re-launch it after it was “fixed”. But in order to fight false
advertisement, we need more than that.
the controversy aside, the year 2015 also came with some pretty sweet games
that will probably be cherished by the gamers for years to come. It was a
relatively balanced year with good games from most of the genres. The
revitalization of the adventure games should be the talking point with some of
the better titles we had in years coming from unexpected rather unexpected
places. Nobody thought this genre still had a chance in its old format and
while the sales are not in extremely high figures, there are many developers
who are willing to make these games. I’m glad to see that the adventure genre
who many thought to be dead is coming back to life both in its older form and
in the revised more cinematic presentation that sprung after Telltale’s
success. Looking at this comeback I’m hopeful that one day strategy games (RTS
in particular) will get the developers’ and consumers’ attention as they did at
the start of the 2000s.
before, I have to say that I couldn’t go through all the relevant games of this
year, the time (or wallet) didn’t allow me to do so. But I did play a good
amount of them (way too many) and I’ll be choosing the most worthy games based
on that with Wolfe taking over a few categories.
So let’s kick in with the best games of 2015!