Screenshot of the Week #60: Bullies!

by on November 22, 2015


week spoiled those who love to play tactical games with turn based combat and
the two indie games that came out could keep a lot of players busy until next
year’s XCOM 2. Hard West and Mordheim: City of the Damned have finally arrived
and as someone who got to play them I can say that players are in for a treat.
Both of these games come from indie developers so there are
a lot of shortcomings especially when it comes to production value and QA, but
they make up for that with good gameplay mechanics and a few innovations here
and there.
West is a Weird West themed tactical RPG that has you facing demons and all
kind of supernatural creatures in a world of cowboys. Weird West is a subgenre
that has seen much attention through literature and even board games with the
well known Deadlands. Hard West capitalizes on the somewhat dire need for a new
and unique setting in video games and that’s where most of its charms stand. The
combat is fun and the narrative driven gameplay makes for interesting moments,
but  the lack of character progression
might upset some players.
City of the Damned is part of the big wave of Warhammer licenses that Games
Workshop has spread to the developers of video games in order to expand their
influence much further than the table top industry which they almost monopolized.
The game action takes place in the Warhammer’s Fantasy city of Mordheim designed
to serve as a battlefield for skirmish matches between Warbands in the tabletop
game with the same name. Mordheim game captures the atmosphere and the rules of
the tabletop game pretty well and with procedurally generated maps and some
grim looking graphics it has the perfect recipe for an addictive tactical game.
Its biggest flaw stands in the low production value of an indie development (I
feel like I’ve said this a lot lately).
game are flawed, yet both games have a lot to offer and while they might be
extremely annoying at times and some of their shortcoming can’t be fixed through
patches I can sincerely recommend them (at a sale, not necessarily now) to
anyone who loves tactical and challenging gameplay.
Nowhere to run!
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