Screenshot of the Week #59: My life for Aiur!

by on November 15, 2015


                It has
been a while since I posted a Screenshot of the Week. Last time when I tried to
write such an article it turned into something
entirely, this time that won’t be the case.
I have been distracted lately so I haven’t been writing much
if at all but I still played video games. I think my batteries have recharged
and I’m ready to come back (not in force, but still coming back). I finished the
Reign review
(that took a quite some time) and while Wolfe is almost done writing
about Fallout 4, I’m turning my focus to Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void.
of the Void launched this Tuesday and I’ve already finished the game which
marks the end of the story for more than 15 years of Starcraft (video games and
books). I didn’t have extremely high expectations from the singleplayer
campaign but I was sure I will enjoy it considering I got to play as Protoss
this time. Even so, what I wanted the most out of Legacy of the Void was to see
the story concluded and I did. I can’t say I’m satisfied with the ending or how
things went until that point, but Starcraft II is much different from the
original games and while I haven’t found my peace with this idea the ending is in tone with the trilogy. As
usual, I won’t give further details as I’m saving most of the details for the
review on which I’m already working on and it should be done as soon as I get
to better experience everything that this standalone expansion has to offer on
the multiplayer side of things.
Until the very end, old friend…
I feel obligated to say that big things are about to happen with this blog in the close future so stay tuned!
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