Screenshot of the Week #48: Overkill!

by on August 16, 2015

vacation is over and things should get back to normal now (hopefully). It is
still hot as hell here and I’m still not in the mood to play many games, but I
can’t postpone this forever.
started really dry, but it’s going to get crazy by the end of the month.
Shadowrun: Hong Kong is coming on August 20, followed up by the Pillars of
Eternity expansion on August 25 and finishing with Satellite Reign on August 28
and Stasis on August 31. In theory I should be playing all of them, but they do
overlap and my time is limited. There are even more games getting released at
the end of the month, Mad Max being one of them, but I can’t make room for all
of them (especially with MGS V: The Phantom Pain releasing on September 1st). I’m
forced to prioritize and play what I already own and what I was looking forward
to play for a long time and postpone the rest for when I have more time (and
than melting to the exponentially increasing heat in Romania, I’ve also been
playing a little as well (obviously). I’ve occupied my time mostly with online
games like Heroes of the Storm, Guild Wars 2 (the expansion is getting closer!)
and Magic Duels which is a newly
released completely free to play Magic the Gathering game.
Take that!
usually go as far as to talk a little about the newer games I play, but I won’t
do that this time since I’m saving my opinions and ideas for the Magic Duels review
which should be coming very soon (and more after that!).
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