Screenshot of the Week #43: Cretaceous Park!

by on June 21, 2015


                E3 took
place this week and it was interesting, to say the least, with many new video
games presented in premiere. I won’t hype myself, but I will follow the
development of some of these new games because they have great potential to turn
in something good.
keeping pace with the tone of videos, articles and information from E3, I’ve
also used my spare time playing ARK like a madman.  In one week interval my tribe’s base was
raided three times and we’ve lost one T-Rex, one Mammoth (friendly fire) and
many other dinosaurs we have tamed. In spite of all these impediments we still
manage to build quite a nice base with a decent defense and tamed many more
dinosaurs (power farming!).
I’m having a blast playing ARK intertwined with a few
moments of total frustration. But what bothers me the most is the fact that the
game requires so much time that sometimes feels like a second job. Without
keeping an eye on the base every few hours, a week’s work can turn into ashes
and a lot of wasted time, but other than that is all good.
Hello there!
week I’ve worked on a two parts article about E3 games that caught my
attention. I didn’t have time to play Kholat, but I will go for it in the
upcoming week (hopefully).
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