Things you should know about Killing Floor 2 (Early Access)!

by on May 4, 2015


Floor 2 is a horde mode first person shooter developed by Tripwire Interactive.
The game’s goal is to kill all the enemy waves.
This article provides the information that beginner Zed
hunters should know in order to increase their survival chances:
(Disclaimer: I’m not an expert in this game!)

1. Know your perks
                In the
current state of the game there are four perks available to play: Berserker,
Commando, Support and Medic. More perks are expected to come as the game
development progresses. Killing Floor had seven perks to choose from.
Each perk can be leveled individually and will receive
increased passive bonuses per level and a skill every five levels. The perks
have their own roles and fit certain play styles.
Berserker engages enemies in melee combat. This perk has increased movement
speed and a higher damage resistance, which makes it extremely useful for
kiting and holding powerful Zeds while the rest of the team takes them down.
Commando is specialized in medium range combat, using assault rifles to deal
precise damage. The damage of this perk’s firearms makes it good for taking
down bigger enemies. Another utility of Commando is the spotting, as it can
detect invisible enemies from afar and can show all the enemies’ health bars.
Support, as the name suggests, is a perk designed to help the group with
various things. The Support is specialized in using the welder tool and seals
the doors better than any other perk. Through skills this perk can carry more
ammunition and even provide the group with extra bullets. The weapons of choice
for Support are shotguns, which wreck havoc in close quarters.
Medic is designed to heal the group. Using healing grenade and weapons equipped
with a healing shot special ability. The Medic takes advantage of its increased
movement speed to move from one place to another and heal the group while
dealing damage when possible. This perk is practically mandatory in every group
that wants to take on higher difficulties.
what perks you enjoy, learn to play them and level them up so they become more
effective as this will come in handy for higher difficulties. But beware (!!!),
there is a big possibility that the perks level progression will reset before
game’s full release.

2. Use the specific perks weapons to
get XP
your perk is important, it makes the game easier and the XP required to
progress is quite high. In order to level up always use weapons that are
designed for your perk as they are the only one that grant XP on kill or

3. Stay grouped
                While playing
on the normal difficulty it might not be a problem to get separated from the
group once in a while, but on higher difficulties this means almost certain
death. Zeds chase everyone alive and no matter how good you are at shooting if
the team is separated when the stronger enemies come, they will pick your group
members one by one. Grouping up and focusing down the bigger enemies (Scrakes
and Fleshpounds) is one of the best ways to deal with them.
All for one, and one for all!
4. Weld the doors
welding device (key 4 by default) is used at sealing certain doors to slow the
Zeds down or set a different path for them. Welding the doors can be useful as
it helps secure the area so the group doesn’t get overwhelmed. This feature is very
important and becomes crucial on higher difficulties. A welded door doesn’t
last forever, so take full advantage of the time bought. Try not to lock a
teammate outside!

5. Don’t get cornered
in Killing Floor 2 is extremely important, but when things go crazy there might
not be enough time to think about repositioning. But there is one rule that
should be kept even when the chips are down: never run into corners! Corners
are a death trap because it is so easy to get overrun and you might not have
enough fire power or time to get out of there alive.
When chased always try to pick an area that allows for an
escape if enemies come from multiple sides. Going on upper floors with the possibility
of jumping down is a good way to escape and slow down the Zeds for a while.

6. Cover what your teammates don’t
can spawn in many locations on a map and can come from almost every opening.
When taking a defensive position in an area, the group has to be prepared to
engage enemies from 360 degrees.
Every group member should cover openings like tunnels,
stairways or doors. Check out the positions your teammates pick to defend and
move to an empty one.

7. Use pistol
pistol is an important piece of weaponry, despite its low damage it is quite
useful and should be used instead of the main weapon on the starting waves. It
is also indicated to use the pistol on the easier Zeds to preserve the
ammunition on the main weapons for stronger enemies.

8. Cancel reloading
canceling is a feature that, sadly, is not present in most of the FPS games of
these days, but it plays a big role in this one. In case you are under attack while
changing a near empty clip, it is easier to just cancel this action by shooting
the target. Reload canceling is very useful, especially if you are a reloading
maniac like me.

9. A headless Zed is a dead Zed
aim for the head, some of the Zeds are extremely resilient and might be
impossible to blow their head off, but many of them lose their heads after just
a few shots. Even if a headless Zed still moves, he will die in a matter of
seconds, just avoid their path and shoot something else.

10. Aim twice, shoot once
rush into shooting at enemies that don’t represent a big threat, take your time
to aim properly and shoot bullet by bullet. Save the ammunition for later on,
because every bullet counts. Use the Zed time mechanic to your advantage to aim
better as it slows down time and it is easier to headshot enemies.

11. Use block
weapons can block and this mechanics helps mitigate some of the damage taken
from melee hits. You don’t have to play Berserker to use your melee weapon. When
low on ammunition, sometimes, it might be a good idea to knife the squishy
enemies, so don’t forget to block the melee attacks when doing that. Timing the
block with the incoming melee attack will push back the enemy.

12. Save money for rainy days
having a lot of money (dosh) it is tempting to spend them on more weapons. While doing
this could be useful and fun, if you die, everything is lost. It is wiser to
save the money for the grimmer scenario, this way you can easily re-gear. 

13. Scavenge for supplies
                Basic weapons
and supplies (ammo boxes and Kevlar vests) spawn in random locations over the
map during combat and as the fighting keeps going new supplies keep spawning.
When running low on ammo or grenades and the enemies are under control, search
for supplies it will save some money especially since every ammunition box has
one grenade, which is pretty expensive at the store.
                A good
strategy is to spare a small number of Zeds each wave and search the map for
loot and when everybody is set on supplies, kill the remaining enemies. Keep in
mind that the loot you leave on the ground resets at the start of each new


14. There is a boss
last wave on every map is a boss. During the Early Access stage of the game,
the boss is always the same, a Zed that can shoot with two rifles at once, can
heal by impaling players and throws gas, smoke and explosive grenades.
boss is difficult and killing him rewards a lot of XP. In order to do so, find
areas on each map where it is easy to kite him while having cover from his
shots and not getting stuck so the grenades can kill you. Don’t waste
ammunition on the boss when he stands in the smoke grenades or he impales a
player, because he has damage reduction. Heal the player impaled or chased by
the boss and make sure to clear the incoming Zeds.
Don’t get fooled by his squishy appearance!
15. Buy the HMTech-101 Pistol
pistol is designed for the Medic perk and while it doesn’t award XP to any
other perks in the game it comes in handy when playing in a group.
HMTech-101 pistol has a 15 rounds magazine a weight value of one and decent
damage for a pistol. It is a good weapon to save ammo on the main weapons and
it is even better because it can heal teammates from afar. This pistol has a
regenerating energy which allows for a maximum of two healing shots on teammates.
It is extremely good when fighting powerful enemies or the boss as it can save
lives. The healing ability cannot be used on yourself.

16. It’s Early Access
you find a bug or something that doesn’t work properly, always remember,
Killing Floor 2 is in Early Access. This is a testing phase and is not entirely
relevant to the final product. Even so, Killing Floor 2 is one of the most polished
Early Access games I have ever played and mostly lacks only in content.

Floor 2 is a fun game to play, but it can get boring fast if always played on
the lower difficulty. This game’s real meaning stands in
the challenge of beating the higher difficulties and this can be an extremely
hard task, but before doing that you should know the things I mentioned above
as they are some of the basic notions required to succeed. Even if the game is
still in Early Access most of the things I mentioned above, if not all of them,
will carry on to the full game.