Screenshot of the Week #40: Abstract art!

by on May 31, 2015

finally finished The Witcher 3 and oh boy it was a wild ride, emotional and full
of tensioned moments. I loved the game more than I expected I will and I’m glad because I
was waiting for a while for an open world game that does things better than the
usual overrated games of this type. This doesn’t mean The Witcher 3 doesn’t
have problems, it actually has in spades and some of them are quite annoying.
The arcade combat full of issues, the overall low level difficulty, the
annoying interface, the sluggish and unresponsive movement, the diminished
sense of discovery  through repetitiveness
and the lack of some common sense graphical effects are the biggest problems I
faced in this game. Some of these problems can be fixed and the others we will
have to live with, but this should be no surprise as no game is perfect. One
thing is sure, while the other titles in the series were questionable, The
Witcher 3 has earned its place in the annals of RPGs and stands proud as the
AAA RPG we needed for a long time.
Artistic beauty?!
now on all my writing time will be dedicated to The Witcher 3 review and is
going to be done when it’s done. I expect an in depth and lengthy review, but the
conclusion of it will be no surprise considering the things I mentioned above.
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