Screenshot of the Week #32: Crazy aviator!

by on April 5, 2015

                April’s Fool Day was this week and like in every other year the gaming industry had some hoaxes prepared. What I find funny about this day is that I never realize is April 1st until I get tricked at least once. This year was Obsidian’s that reminded me is April with their joke announcement that Pillars of Eternity will receive a turn based combat system inspired by Tim Cain’s job in The Temple of Element Evil. When I first read this I was quite excited about the idea, I like the real time combat with pause, but TToEE had such a great turn based combat that I couldn’t resist this. Well, shame on me for getting tricked!
                Early this week I finished Pillars of Eternity and I can say it was an incredibly good game. It was a great adventure full of mystery, thrilling moments and frustration, exactly what I was expecting from such a game. I have already started to work on the review for the game and since I’m a huge fan of Obsidian Entertainment, I did my best to put aside my feelings and write an article as objective as possible. I will cover in detail everything that makes this game so good and the things that could have been better or needed more polishing before release. But I think it is quite clear, that my overall opinion about the game is extremely positive and rightly so.
                As I’ve been promising for a while now, I started this week the guides section on my blog with a short beginner’s guide for Pillars of Eternity. I’m currently working on few guides for Heroes of the Storm, but as the time passes I will expand this section covering more games from different genres.
I will post my detailed review about Pillars of Eternity in the upcoming week and following it will be the last part for my article about best male characters in video games.

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