Screenshot of the Week #27: Bounty!

by on March 1, 2015

much happened this week, I’m continuing my training for Heroes of the Storm
ranked games. I almost unlocked the ten heroes required so I can start playing
ranked matches and from the eight I own so far I play quite good with five or
six of them. I purchased Nova and I love her, she is incredibly strong if the
team plays at least decent. Nova does give me a feeling of a real sniper something
I haven’t had in a MoBA before. I’m quite curious how the ranked games go in
this game, because in LoL the lower leagues were hell and making it to higher
leagues could be tedious and require a lot of patience.
Kill me if you want to win!
                My The
Secret World review opened up discussions everywhere and I’m quite glad about
this, because is one of the few articles I wrote which got more attention from
the community (TSW community is great!). Hopefully this becomes a trend with
all my reviews!
                I was
thinking for a while to write an article about the scoring system in video
games and why I think Metascore can be a false standard and I finally managed
to get it done this week. I did address some of the issues that bother me (a
lot) when reading journalists reviews about video games, but I didn’t manage to
cover everything related to this.
                 With me playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm
and being sick in the past days, I’m quite behind on the articles and I’m not
sure if I can recover for the upcoming week. I’m thinking of starting a new
section on the blog and write some beginner’s guides about Heroes of the Storm
(and maybe guides for other games as well). I want to expand the variety of
articles and this could help tremendously with that.

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