Screenshot of the Week #26: Ballistic missiles!

by on February 22, 2015

week the closed beta for Dirty Bomb started and I got an invite and there is no
NDA so I can talk a little about it. I also got the chance to test Obsidian’s
Armored Warfare in the Alpha test, which I can’t say anything about.
Dirty Bomb looks like a decent online shooter with great
potential. There seems to be a lot left to do until the game is actually in a good
shape. While it runs and plays quite well, it lacks severely in content at the
moment with very few maps and playable modes and not too many characters to
choose from. I might write an article about the game when is further down the
line in its development.
                I have
been playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm lately, since I was searching for a
new PvP game for quite a while and I didn’t have the patience to return to
those I used to play, this game came at the right time for me. I’m enjoying it
a lot despite the fact that I’m getting quite mad during some of the matches.
I’m currently pushing to unlock more heroes so I can start ranked matches,
where hopefully I will find a more organized play. Either way, the game is still quite fun and the heroes are awesome especially for someone familiar with
Blizzard’s lore and games.
There are rumors that the next hero to be released is
Sylvanas and she is probably going to be great (can’t wait!).
Rockets ftw!
                It took
me quite some time to finish and polish it but the review for The Secret world
is done. I have continued to write a little about This War of Mine and I think
this article is going to turn quite good as I get to talk a lot about the
problems that this game points out through its gameplay.
Patch 1.2 is coming for Elite Dangerous, bringing a new ship,
the wings mechanic which allows players and AI to group up. I have been waiting
for the game to receive some more polishing through patches as the release felt
rushed and didn’t want to write about it in that state, so probably after this
patch I will finish the review for it.
There are more articles coming, including one in which I say
my opinion about conventional scoring system for video games and why it isn’t
such a good thing.

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