Screenshot of the Week #24: Make graffiti not war!

by on February 8, 2015

nothing really happened this week, my Sunday article will be pretty short. I’ve
been working on my Guild Wars 2 characters, preparing them for the upcoming
expansion. I want at least three to four character professions at maximum level
before the release of Heart of Thorns and at the moment I only have two. I’m
doing this mostly to be able to test as many specializations as possible so I
can make a decision on which profession I should settle and play through the
Secret World adventure continues, a bit slower than I expected but still doing
fine. I’ve made it to Egypt, which is much more fun than I remember. My
character is quite advanced in the skills and items progression compared to the
requirements for this area so I have no problems with it. I hope I can get to
Tokyo before the Issue #11 is launched which was detailed earlier this week.
MMOs are taking up a lot of my gaming time, but I did try as
much as possible to keep up with the Dying Light progression so I can finish
the game and give my final opinion about it in a review. I’m past 50% of the
story, but as I’m an obsessive compulsive completist is taking me a longer time
to go through all the missions and activities.
The game didn’t lose its “charm” even after playing it so
much. The combat is still great and as fun as always and makes me lose a lot of
time by stopping and slaughtering all the zombies I can find. I wish more first
person games had a combat system like this or at least remotely close to it.
Not like this would stop zombies, but still…
my streak of articles in January, I’ve taken this week off to catch up on my
games so I have things to write about. While I did manage to play and write
some, I’m still not up to date with both of these activities. Hopefully, after
I’m done with the Dying Light review next week, I can finish my article about
This War of Mine which I was so eager to post a while ago, but never managed to.
I am also working on visual improvements for my blog and
some other changes for the better, which, if everything goes even slightly
according to the plan, should be complete in a couple of months.
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