Screenshot of the Week #23: If you stare into the abyss…

by on February 1, 2015

                So the blog is one year old now, the first real milestone in its existence and I’m happy about it (check my previous articles for more details). I’m looking forward to what will happen next in this writing adventure of mine which is related to one of my biggest passions.
                I’m back to routine gaming, taking a break from Path of Exile while continuing my quest in The Secret World as an Illuminati agent. I also started to play Guild Wars 2 again, getting ready for that big expansion that ArenaNet is working on. Dealing with two MMORPGs at the same time is quite difficult, I’m playing casually but still it can be a real time consumer, so I haven’t had much time for too many games.
                I have purchased Dying Light, which wasn’t really on my list, but I don’t feel sorry for doing so. I’ve never been a fan of the Dead Island series, but this game I enjoy. It is not a masterpiece of the genre, but it is extremely fun. The combat is amazing, brutal and satisfying, should be a model other games that use first person melee combat. The exploration is nice, but I can’t say is very immersive, the world looks good and is extremely detailed with great tech supporting it, but the arcadish gameplay does cut off the immersivity to a low level. Don’t get me wrong, there are thrilling and intense moments in the game, but the overall feeling is too relaxing for a zombie apocalypse especially because the protagonist abilities make him really overpowered. This is a shame because it would have made the game a lot better.
Still, Dying Light is a good game to relax, singleplayer or co-op, and smash the brains out of some zombies, adding to this the fact that it has a decent story and it is already something more than I was expecting.
                This week screenshot is from one of the dungeons in The Secret World, this game has some of the most awesome dungeons I’ve seen in a MMORPG. The dungeons are difficult, filled with lore and evolving around a story, too bad their number is quite low for a game that has been around for almost three years.
…the abyss stares back into you.
                I’m done with my articles about upcoming games in 2015, I was set on doing two more, one for fighting games and one for driving simulators, but I’m not an expert in any of these genres and there aren’t many upcoming titles for PC to begin with.
Overall 2015 looks like an amazing year, but time will tell if we are setting ourselves up for disappointment, again. One this is for sure, January didn’t start too well, with H1Z1 entering Early Access with pay to win features incorporated, The Witcher 3 graphics looking downgraded and NVIDIA was found lying about GTX 970 specifications.

Looking at the bright side, with such a start we almost hit rock bottom and things can only go up from here (or can they?).
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