Upcoming RPGs in 2015!

by on January 7, 2015

2014 which was a good year for RPGs, but not as extraordinary as expected due
to many delayed titles, 2015 is announcing to be even more exciting for RPGs
fans with many long awaited sequels and spiritual successors being released
this year.
With the help of crowdfunding and certain developers’
dedication it might be a year to remember for this genre, despite the lower number
of upcoming titles.
Here is
a list of the most notable titles which have a fixed release date or are
scheduled for 2015, realistic or not.
Blackguards 2
Release Date: January 20

Entertainment plans to take players back into the Dark Eye universe this year
with their upcoming Blackguards 2, a tactical RPG with turn based combat.
Taking place three years after the original title,
Blackguards 2 will continue in the same grim and violent style with political
struggles and factions battling for power. Also, a few familiar characters will
make a return, joining the player’s group.
gameplay is focused mostly on complex character development, battles and story.
The feeling of exploration is not the main focus of the game and is somewhat
hindered by the fact that the game is composed only of towns and more than a
hundred unique combat maps.
2 will follow the same mechanics of the previous game, but with many changes
for the better. Players have been asking for improvements to the line of sight
system, formation and cover systems and Daedalic will deliver these wanted
changes. Besides the river of epic battles players will now have lots of quests
to complete which will further expand the storyline.
Blackguards 2 sounds like a blast for those who love tactical turn based
gameplay and twisted stories with questionable moral choices. The development
time was shorted for this game, but considering the original title set the base
game mechanics, graphics and much more, it shouldn’t be worrisome.

Pillars of Eternity
Release Date: Q1

of Eternity is a Kickstarter crowdfunded isometric RPG developed by Obsidian
Entertainment and originally set to release in 2014. The game was delayed in
order to deliver to the fans “the best possible experience” according to Feargus
Urquhart, which is for the best, considering Obisidian’s buggy past.
game is set into a brand new universe developed from scratch and is aimed
primarily at providing a similar experience as the RPGs made with Infinity
Engine (Baldur’s Gate & Icewind Dale series). In its current state, it
seems to me that Obsidian are spot on with their game, from the user interface
design to the beautiful painted-like 2D graphics, the game feels  like an old school RPG from the age of Black
Isle and Interplay.
of Eternity is focused on story driven gameplay with tons of dialogues and
character interaction. It will offer deep character customization with six
races to choose from and up to eleven classes, each with different abilities
and a build up lore to match the new universe.
The combat system is real time with the option pause in order to plan and queue up the next moves, similar to
the games of whose atmosphere it tries to recreate.
developers said that the game is immense and it will take a huge amount of time
to finish, even if it is possible to rush for the ending. There are varied places to explore and the
player will have to rely on the five core skills, including stealth, and
tactics in order to survive every challenge that might come while exploring the
of Eternity is one of my most anticipated games this year (it was last year as
well) and by the looks of it, the game will deliver what the fans that helped
Obsidian make this possible wanted.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Release Date: May 19

game was postponed so many times that I gave up counting. If we are to take
seriously the latest release date announced by CDPR, we will be able to play
it in May.
Witcher 3 continues the story of the series showing the effect of the previous
game’s action and will conclude Geralt’s search for Yennefer. The Wild Hunt
will make a new and stronger appearance, teased in the trailers to be the real
enemy in the game.
There will be multiple playable characters in order to build
up the story and link it up to the present action as well as developing it
Choices will matter in this game and characters that we know
for years from this series might die, this game will be the conclusion for
Geralt’s story.
the most exciting thing about The Witcher 3 is the fact that it will feature a
huge open world with nonlinear gameplay and an open-ended story.  This is a huge step forward from the previous
titles and should work with this universe quite well.
The graphics and art style are beautiful and fit the open
world environment perfectly (if not downgraded) with huge castles and cities,
vast mysterious forests and open waters.
Witcher 3 is an ambitious title which has the chance to deliver one of the best
open world RPG experiences since Gothic times and considering this, it is for
the best that CDPR took their time in finishing and polishing up this game.

Torments: Tides of Numenera
Release Date: Q4

Tides of Numenera is another extremely successful crowdfunded RPG developed by
inXile Entertainment and the spiritual successor of Planescape Torment (my
favorite RPG).
game is set in Monte Cook’s Numenera universe designed by the mastermind behind
Dungeon and Dragons to be a campaign setting for a tabletop game. Numenera is a
science fantasy with the action taking place on Earth a billion years in the
of Numenera is developed using the Unity engine and will feature 2.5D graphics
from an isometric perspective. The combat will be an adaptation of the ruleset
from the tabletop game and it will be turn based as the majority of the fans
wanted it to be (despite PST using a real time combat with pause).
There are three classes to choose from, each representing
the stereotypical choices in RPGs: warrior, mage and rogue. These classes can
be further customized to serve better in certain roles and suit better certain
play styles.
most exciting feature of this game is the dialogue system which should be as
rich and complex as the ones seen in the older RPGs like the original Fallout games,
Baldur’s Gate and of course Planescape Torment. We haven’t been blessed with
many games using such an intricate dialogue system in quite a while and
personally I’m quite anxious to play again a game so dialogue and story driven.
interesting mechanic that makes this game so unique is the system of Tides
which will replace the conventional alignment system from DnD games. The Tides
represent the reaction that a character inspires to its companions. The
combination of tides that a character has determines his Legacy which is the
way he lived up like until that point. These Legacies will affect some of
the characters’ abilities and powers.
Torment is the best RPG I have ever played and knowing that a successor, even a
spiritual one is coming out makes me quite nervous. This game holds in its
hands (together with Pillars of Eternity) the fate of all heavy dialogue and
story driven RPGs and its incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign proves
that there are enough gamers out there seeking this type of video games.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Act I
Release Date: Q4

most recent RPGs, Kingdom Come: Deliverance makes no exception and is a title
made possible through Kickstarter crowdfunding. Developed by Warhorse Studios
and powered by CryEngine (4th generation) this game promises amazing
immersiveness through detailed graphics
and open world landscapes based on real locations.
action takes place in the Kingdom of Bohemia (Central Europe) beginning with
the year 1403 during an internal political conflict in the land. The hero is
the son of a blacksmith whose family was killed and who seeks revenge and the
restoration of order and peace in his natal lands.
The game is split in three different acts which will be expanding
the action with new areas to explore and new quests while continuing the story
from where it was left of by the previous act. Each act will have around 30
hours of gameplay and they will be released separately.
Come features a classless system allowing the liberty to customize the character’s
skills as desired, either playing a hybrid style or choosing a standard role as
a warrior, bard or thief.
Abilities and stats will be affected through dialogues and
choices as well as the relation with other characters and the protagonist’s
overall reputation.
There will be a large variety of realistic weapons and
armors in the game based on the medieval era with characters being able to
equip up to sixteen pieces of clothing.
game puts a big focus on realism and simulates many day to day needs of a human
being. Sleep and food are required to stay healthy and strong, food will be spoiling
over time so it stays a constant worry.
Armors and weapons can degrade through excessive usage and
will require maintenance. There will be a variety of tasks that can be done to
better maintain a character and its gear, like repairing weapons and armors,
fishing or gathering food, cooking, mining for ore, stealing and even creating
medicine. All these tasks will be done through various minigames that require
character stats or player’s skill.
Come: Deliverance is an ambitious project of taking a more realistic approach
to a genre that has been focused mostly on fantasy and post apocalyptical
settings. The game promises a lot and if it will deliver, it might be one of
the most unique RPG experiences. The one thing that worries me about it is the
pricing of each act, which could lead to a game much more expensive than any
other AAA title.

Grim Dawn
Release Date: TBA, currently in Early Access

Dawn is one of the games that if we were to listen to the developer’s schedule
it should have been completed a year if not longer ago. The game is a spiritual
successor of sorts to Titan Quest, designed on the same engine and to have a
similar feeling.
It was originally announced back in 2010 and a Kickstarter
campaign for it was launched in 2012 raising almost twice the initial funding
goal. In 2013 the game entered on the Steam Early Access program and the
development progress could be easily followed by everyone.
game went a long way since its Early Access launch with a complete Act 2 being released
in January 2014 and Act 3 being slowly added into the game.
                Grim Dawn’s
action is placed in a dark fantasy world based on the Victorian era. After
bringing to the world some mysterious extra-dimensional creatures and
experimenting with them, things got out of control as these creatures escaped
and started to tear down humanity in order to expand their existence in our
world. Trapped in a war between otherworldly powers, humanity is on the brink
of extinction as human bodies are a resource for the creatures that are now
taking over the world.
game is a Hack & Slash at core, filled with loads of action, loot and maps
with hordes of enemies. The interesting feature about this game is the quests
system which has choices implemented in it that will have a visible impact on
the world.
Dawn has five playable classes with the option to dual class in order to gain
better stats and abilities synergy.
The game has tones of loot from common to legendary items
and even sets. Items can provide both passive bonuses as well as unique skills
to better enhance a character.
The multiplayer is currently in the game for those who want
to team up and fight to save humanity from the total annihilation.
and backers have been waiting for this game for a long time and 2015 is going
to be the year of its release (hopefully). It remains to be seen if this long
wait was worth it or if the prolonged development affected the game in a
negative way.

The Banner Saga 2
Release Date: TBA

Banner Saga is a well received 2D tactical RPG about Vikings in a Ragnarok
themed world developed by Stoic Studio.
The game’s epic story follows a caravan traveling to
dangerous frozen wastes whose fate depends on the choices made by the player
throughout the game. Building and managing the caravan is an important part of
the game and can change the outcome of the story.
Banner Saga uses a turn based tactical combat and features battles of great
importance as the outcome can result in the permanent death of important
characters. The game has a pretty straight forward stats and items system which
helps with the development of each character.
There are two races, humans and varl (horned giants), seven
classes and twenty-five playable characters.
                The Banner
Saga is a planned trilogy with the sequel being announced by Stoic Studio for 2015.
Not much is known about The Banner Saga 2 except that the choices and progress
made in the first game will carry on to the sequel. The game should follow the
same mechanics and ideas behind the original title with certain improvements. More
information are expected from Stoic Studio after the holidays season.

Release Date: TBA

was supposed to enter Early Access in the autumn of 2014, but from various
reasons it didn’t come out. The game is a first person action RPG developed by Techland,
the company behind Dead Island, Dying Light and Call of Juarez.
is set in a dark fantasy world based on medieval European folklore. This world
is invaded by the undead and various hellish creatures and all life is in grave
The player will take the role of a warrior who tries to stop
the invasion and close the gates of Hell. In order to succeed, the player will
have a large skill tree at available with the ability to mix melee skills with
ranged skills and magical powers for a devastating effect.
The game will feature an in depth progressive character
customization combining active and passive abilities with a huge arsenal of
weapons and various types of armors and accessories.
will have a competitive leaderboard and a co-op mode for two to four players to
fight together against the forces of evil. The game is separated in three
distinct modes: the story mode which is pretty intuitive by the name, the
Mission Mode which is a highly replayable and challenging mode designed for
leaderboards and ultimately the Arena Mode which is a standoff against incoming
waves of enemies.
promises to be a fun, visceral and satisfying action RPG with gameplay somewhat
similar to the Dead Island series, but better suited for the fans of fantasy
and medieval settings.
Techland recently announced that Hellraid is receiving a higher development support, equivalent to an AAA title and it will skip the Early Access phase.

After Reset
Release Date: TBA

Reset is a post-apocalyptic isometric RPG inspired by the original Fallout titles.
The game had a first Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that was far from reaching
its goal, it was later rebooted asking for a lower amount of money and almost
reaching three times its goal.
action takes place 132 years after the Reset, which was an apocalyptical
nuclear war which devastated the entire world killing billions and forcing
those who could to take refuge in underground built bases.
After hiding for over a hundred years, the survivors came
out to the surface to rebuild the civilization, but they found another faction
already taking over the areas healing from radiation and a new war is starting.
game will focus on the personal story, companions’ stories and non linear
freedom of choice in order to deliver a compelling game using Baldur’s Gate and
Fallout as inspiration.
The skills system will be complex, inspired by the DnD
system, and will be intuitive for those with experience in games that used this
much else is known about After Reset, but it is expected to come sometimes this
year (probably through Early Access).

all these games and more to come the future of the genre looks
brighter than it ever did in the last years. 
Titles like Mass Effect 4 or Cyberpunk 2077 are not on the
list because it is highly unlikely that they are launched in 2015, at the
moment there is very little information about these games.