Screenshot of the Week #20: Obsession?!

by on January 11, 2015

last couple of weeks I haven’t been very productive in terms of gaming, barely
played anything, but I did find the willpower to finish the latest Thief game.
I will not write a review about it, it is already too late and the review won’t
be very positive anyway, but I can express my opinion about the game in a few
phrases in this article.
is one of the series I love with thrilling atmosphere, challenging difficulty
and complex stealth play of the previous games were something hard to find in
any newer games (Dishonored took a decent shot at it). The latest game did
manage to recreate some of that atmosphere and for a while even the story was
interesting enough to keep me going (actually the reason I came back to finish
the game). But in the second half of the game the story was rushed and
unpolished, at some point things didn’t tie up anymore and the presence of
existence of some characters in relation with the story hardly made any sense.
gameplay gets repetitive and feels like a grind just after a few hours into the
game. There are always the same safes to crack, the same locks to pick, the
same type of traps or the same hidden areas. The game lacks uniqueness in its
gameplay, I wanted to see puzzles, ingenious traps and protection systems like
the old games had.
There is a lot to steal in the game but very little
challenge in doing it, because it always relies on the same mechanics and after
doing the same thing over and over again things become mechanically easy.
stealth play is fine, but with the addition of focus powers and a very helpful
interface (but horrible to navigate) the game wasn’t a big challenge even on
master difficulty.
the gameplay problems there are also some very questionable choices when it
comes to the world design. The multitude of pointless loadings and the
fragmentation of the world map are hardly bearable. Without an SSD I can’t
imagine how frustrating it is to play this game and wait loading after loading
(and these loadings are not short).
Thief left me the impression of a game took from another era and forced into a
new one. Developers tried hard to make it enjoyable for everybody and skipped
on the details and complexity that made this series great. In the end, the game
probably didn’t fully please anyone, as it doesn’t really excel at any of the
elements used in it and is and I think it is overshadowed by Dishonored, something
that should not happen.
It could have been something great and I wanted it to be so,
I really did. Thief was one of the games I expected the most in 2014 and
disappointed me deeply (not at the level of Watch Dogs disappointment). I’m not
sure if the game will get a sequel and I don’t know if I would want one
considering how things went with this game. I suppose I will have to wait for
Dishonored 2 and see how that game turns out.
                I can’t
believe I actually managed to keep up with my schedule this week and posted the
two articles about some of the upcoming games in 2015. I hope I can do the same
in the next week, as I want to post two more articles, one about upcoming FPS
games and one about upcoming strategy games. At the moment seems to be quite a
herculean task, I had no idea there are so many strategy games planned for
2015, but hopefully I will manage to get it done in time.
also slowly working on reviews for Elite: Dangerous and This War of Mine. I
will probably post them at the end of this month or the beginning of February.

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