Screenshot of the Week #19: Tanning!

by on January 4, 2015

year 2015 is here and I wish you all a year full of good and optimized games without
bugs and if possible without any false advertisement (but we know that won’t
year 2014 favored RPGs and strategies above the other genres, but this year
promises to be more balanced in this regard. Lots of FPS and action games are
to be released to compensate for the barren 2014, with titles like GTA V, Dying
Light, Evolve and Battlefield Hardline in the upcoming months, the fans of
these genres won’t feel left out and will be busy for quite a while.
will be properly represented as well, starting the year with Blackguards 2 and
Pillars of Eternity and continuing strong with The Witcher 3 and many other
notable titles in the second half of the year.
fans are waiting for new episodes to be released, either being Dreamfall
Chapters, Tales from the Borderlands, Game of Thrones or Broken Age.
games are coming back to power with titles like Act of Aggression and Starcraft
2 expansion Legacy of the Void.
                But as
balanced as things look I still consider 2015 the year of MMO and online games.
There are so many titles both free to play and buy to play, that even the pickiest
gamers will find something to enjoy.
The year starts with H1Z1 Early Access giving the survival
hungry fans something to feed on and continues with the closed beta tests for
Heroes of the Storm and Armored Warfare and this is just Q1. Titles like Black
Desert (Korean version), Skyforge, Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars and Tom Clancy’s The Division (!!!)
are expected to be released this year and this is just the surface, there are
many more games that I will need an entire article to present them all (coming
next week!).
                So no
matter what genre you like, this year will probably have something to offer
you. Hopefully we won’t have to deal with unfinished and buggy titles and other
problems that made 2014 insufferable.
                 I haven’t played many games this holidays, I
did pick up Thief from where I left it almost a year ago, pushing myself to
finish the story. But I’ve spend most of my gaming time virtually exploring our
beautiful galaxy and I’m having the most fun with it.
My SPF30 sunscreen might not be enough.
                I have
been working on multiple articles, talking in detail about the games that will
be launched this year (based on genre). I have at least two articles prepared
for the next week and more to come if everything goes according to the schedule
(it never does!). So stay tuned!
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