One year of games slashing!!!

by on January 31, 2015

started this blog on January 31 2014 as an alternative to the Steam reviews
system, which didn’t offer me enough space to express my opinion about the
games I played. Some friends said I should try write on a blog so I considered
this idea and gave it a shot.
Initially we were supposed to be two writers, one focusing
on PC games and the other one writing about various titles from other gaming
platforms. But that didn’t last long and my co-writer remained just as an
                The Game
Slashers’ first article, and my first article, was posted on February 2nd
and talked about Steam’s Early Access, Crowdfunding and the hit of that moment,
DayZ Stand Alone. I promised back then that one year later, when the game is in
beta I will post another article talking about the evolution of the game and
discussing if Early Access really work on one of the most notorious examples launched
through this system. Sadly I won’t be able to keep up with that promise as the
developers of DayZ didn’t keep up with theirs. I will, however, post that
article when DayZ actually enters the beta testing phase (if that ever
the first article I’ve always tried to write at least one article per week, but
didn’t really manage all that well to do that with May having only one article
and June barely scratching two.
I found it quite hard to mix my work and day to day
activities with the gaming time required to complete a game and afterwards
write about it. So for most of the time, I just improvised the schedule for my
By the end of August with self discipline and a better
scheduling of my time I managed to get things going and write on a weekly basis,
with the addition of the Screenshot of the Week, up to two articles.
With little mishaps I did manage to keep up with this style,
sometimes writing even more than I had in mind. The variety of genres I wrote
about was affected by my budget, which was (and is) an impediment which
sometimes I ignore.
                So here
we are, one year later, the blog record isn’t tremendous but still it keeps
growing. The Game Slashers has to date a total of 72 articles with over 83,000
words, almost 11,000 overall views with the article on Divinity: Original Sin
being the most popular one with close to 500 views. The blog has somehow also managed to get flagged and blocked by Steam as
malicious (:D). It might not sound like much, but for a blog advertised
only on few forums and Steam (a little harder now) this is a decent achievement
and I’m somewhat proud of it.
                I have
bigger plans for this blog in the upcoming year with many changes for the
better in advertisement (Facebook!?!?), articles (more, but still as focused on
quality as ever!) and design (stay tuned!).
                This is
an exciting adventure that I couldn’t do all by myself. I want to thank my
editor first, TopSOUL, for his incredible support and many hours spent going
through my articles and helping me improve them. I want to thank my friends and
gaming buddies who encouraged me to continue writing.
And last but not least, I want to thank my viewers, for
giving my articles a chance, I might not be a great writer or reviewer, but I’m
working hard to improve and one day I’ll match George Weidman!
                So stay
close and watch me slash through the PC video games industry in 2015 as well.
In the meantime, you can always follow my blog on Twitter and on my Steam Group.