Screenshot of the Week #18: Obsessive Compulsive Farming!

by on December 28, 2014

is a barren month when it comes to game releases, so I use the free time to
play my usual games (ARMA 3, Path of Exile, etc.) and whatever co-op games I
can get (force) some of my gaming buddies to play with me.
having a blast with Elite: Dangerous continuing my interstellar adventure. I
put a stop to my galaxy exploration plan and the trading missions in order to
become a bounty hunter. This new job is awesome, engaging in fierce fights with
pirates from all around the galaxy and cashing in huge bounties.
Elite is great so far, I don’t know how much this will last,
but hopefully with continuous content and features updates the game will have a
long life, because it deserves one.
But my main focus this week wasn’t Elite and neither of my
usual games, I turned back to one of the older titles that I supported since
the Early Access launch almost two years ago.
Starve is receiving a co-op update named Together, which will be free for
everyone who owns the game and it is currently available via Early Access program
for testing. The mode can be purchased at a cheap price for the original game
owners and it comes with two copies of Together. I think this is a great way to
improve the development this mode, especially since it will come with a lot of
new content.
Starve is survival game with a touch of dark humor. It is a challenging and has
a steep learning curve which can be frustrating for some as the process of
getting to learn the game requires dying a lot and starting over and over
again. But I’ve always been passionate about survival games and Don’t Starve is
one of the best out there and now with co-op is even better.
I’m looking forward to the final version of Don’t Starve
Together and the DLC that will follow with new content to the co-op mode
including (spoiler alert!) mounting beefalos!
Holidays to everyone and stay tune for my end of the year article coming early
next week in which I will talk about the best video games I’ve played in 2014.
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