Screenshot of the Week #13: A little fun before the end of the world!

by on November 23, 2014

Age:  Inquisition was released this week
so I took advantage of the fact that we had a few days off from work and gave
this game as much time as I could.
few hours into the game I was really afraid, the game didn’t start too well
(not horrible either), but turned out the first areas were the problem
(probably remnants of a different project…). As I progressed a little more into
the story and unlocked more explorable areas everything changed. The game
sucked me in with its atmosphere, world design, beautiful graphics, tones of
lore, the choices (soo many!) and most importantly, interesting and hard to
read characters!
             I’ve spent over 70 hours playing this
game since Tuesday and I still have a lot to do, I didn’t even touch two of the
explorable areas and from what I can tell I barely completed half of the main
There is a lot of filler content in
Inquisition and I was expecting this, the game tries to portray a bigger and
more open world and this world has to be filled with something to do. It is
impossible to make good quests everywhere, in fact even Origins had some filler
content, it was easier to hide it by exposing it in a much more interesting way,
but was still there.
Some things could be better in the
game like the variety of filler missions or some of the side story and
companion missions as well.  But my
biggest complaint with the game is related to PC controls, an issue that I hope
will be patched soon. The camera is awkward and tiring to use and the tactical
view fails badly in areas with very low ceilings. Other than that is pretty
much an enjoyable and captivating experience, that I will probably replay after
the game gets some fixes and maybe some DLCs (it will probably have lots of
My buddies! Some are missing and one is drunk under the table.
                I had a
review done for Dungeon of the Endless to post this week. I was waiting for
feedback from my editor, but I was so focused with the game I didn’t check all
my email accounts so I missed it and I decided to postpone it.

Dragon Age: Inquisition comes as a priority and if I can
finish the game by the start of next week I will try to write a review and post
it as soon as possible.
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