Screenshot of the Week #8: Serious Grimrock 2!

by on October 19, 2014

Legend of Grimrock 2 was released
this Wednesday and since then I’ve been spending my gaming time trying to beat
this game and it proves to be quite a challenge.
The first game was a good dungeon
crawler, not too fancy or complex but good enough to revive a sub-genre that
was dead for years. After the success of Legend of Grimrock, more dungeon
crawlers started to pop-up, including a game from the Might & Magic series (which is a very good thing in a market flooded with shooters and action games). I enjoyed the
first game a lot and spent quite some time with it trying to find all its
secrets, beat all the puzzles and trying different party setups, so for me the
release of the second title was quite a big deal.
Despite waiting for Grimrock 2 and
knowing lots of information about it, the game took me by surprise, its
immensity and the huge improvements over the first title were way more than I was
expecting from a sequel of an indie game. The world of Grimrock 2 is big, so
big that is frightening, there is a freedom of movement in game I didn’t expect
and I had to adjust to it. The game is filled with intelligent puzzles, secrets
and challenging fights that kept me hooked until near the end (when I started
to realize the game will end this amazing experience will be over).
Everything is better in this game and if Grimrock 2 had some
serious production value it could be a contender for the Game of the Year
“Oh, God. Never underestimate the power of stupid things in larger numbers!”

careful what portals some lead to treasure, others lead to your doom! I will
write a review for Legend of Grimrock 2 in the next week, to present this amazing
game the way it deserves.