Screenshot of the Week #6: Everybody wants to rule the world!

by on October 5, 2014

With Wasteland 2 and The Vanishing
of Ethan Carter out of the way, I can
now spend more time with one of the most anticipated strategy games (by me)
this year: Endless Legend.
Contrary to most 4X Strategy games released
in the recent years, which change the setting but not much when it comes to
game mechanics, Endless Legend focus is on improving the gameplay experience of
this genre.
Taking place in a fantasy/sci-fi setting, the game combines
the standard 4X Strategies elements with some RPG mechanics like heroes with
personal skill trees, craftable items and quests.
AMPLITUDE Studios were not afraid to take everything to the
next level and this includes the combat system. While in Endless Space the
combat was a bit unpleasant, here is much more tactical and fun.

                In a
barren year for strategy games, Endless Legend shines like a gem that not many
noticed during its time in Steam Early Access. So go ahead, explore the world
of Auriga, expand your race empire, exploit the remaining resources of your
world and exterminate those who stand in your way!
This world is mine!!!
                With the review for Ethan Carter coming next week,
I’ll try to spend as much time as possible with this game so I can gather all
the information for a review which I will hopefully write later this month.