Best female characters in video games Part II

by on August 27, 2014

Alyx Vance – Half Life 2
          The most
important female character in the game, Alyx Vance is probably the only
character players could get attached to. She was introduced in Half Life 2, but
a picture of her as a baby could be found in the first game, and serves as a
support character for the protagonist, Gordon Freeman.
Alyx is the child of well known
physicist Eli Vance and is part of the human Resistance against the Combine
occupation of the Earth. She helps Gordon in his mission to reach and destroy the
citadel, as she is a skillful fighter who is able to use many weapons
well (she’s
also immortal in the campaign!). On top of her combat skills, Alyx inherits
some of the scientific skills from her parents, being able to repair all kind
of damaged electronic equipment and hack into the Combine systems. She also
created Dog, a really powerful sentient robot that protects her, and later on,
the main character.
She’s a great help and company during
the campaign and there are few crucial moments in both Half Life 2 and the
Episodes that followed when your heart stops beating as she is in grave danger.
Gordon Freeman wouldn’t have made it this far without her and because
of this she has a well deserved spot on this list. If we live long enough we
might see her again in Half Life 3 or Episode 3, but as things look now this
could take Valve twenty years or even more (slower than Blizzard releases…).
Alyx and her guardian.


A friendly face.


Clementine – The Walking Dead Series
The only child on this list, Clementine
might look like one but because of the situation she has been through in the
game now acts like an adult.
            Clementine is the
second most important character in Season One of the game. While her parents
went on a trip out of town she stayed at home with her babysitter, when the
zombie apocalypse started she escaped the danger and climbed in her tree house
waiting there for things to unfold. When the Lee Everett, the player character,
arrived at her house she helped him fight her babysitter, now a zombie, and realizing
her parents might not come back she left together with Lee. During their
adventure together, Lee started to care about Clementine and take good care of
            With the
conclusion of Season One, Clementine became the new protagonist in Season Two of
the game. She serves as a moral balance for the groups she joins, reminding
everyone to be human. Clementine shows great intelligence, patience and courage
in difficult situations and she has a very mature attitude for an eleven years
old kid, all these qualities helped her survive.
            Clementine is a
great character and I hope we will see more of her in the future, as the Season
Two has not concluded yet by the time this article was written. I’m confident
she will be fine, after all, if there is anyone in these series that will
survive the zombie apocalypse that person must be her.
Like a family.


Don’t underestimate the child!


Lara Croft – Tomb Raider Franchise
I was never a big fan of Tomb Raider
series, but I know a lot of things about Lara Croft as many of the gamers out
there probably do even if they didn’t play any games in the franchise.
Lara Croft is a British archeologist
with a great thirst for adventure, she is beautiful (all of them are!),
intelligent, athletic and a great fighter. She shows almost no weaknesses
throughout the original series and is ready for anything.
Lara Croft’s main occupation is to
search the world for lost treasures and by doing this she ends up in forgotten
caves and tombs (hence the name) which most of the time are lurked by
supernatural and extremely dangerous creatures (and mean humans). There is a wide variety of weapons put at Lara’s disposal, but the
most iconic for her are the dual pistols, which even if they are weaker than
most of the weapons in the Tomb Raider games these pistols represent her the
The original Tomb Raider series is
comprised of twelve games in which Lara Croft is the protagonist. In 2013 a
reboot of the franchise was launched showing a younger Lara, before her true
adventurous spirit kicked in. In the new game she is unsecure and scared, but
as the action of the game progresses so does her character turning slowly into
the unbreakable heroine everyone loves.
We will see
more games being released in the rebooted TR franchise in the future and it
will be interesting to see how Lara’s new adventures will unfold and how her
character will change in the process.
TressFX and that beautiful face!


Nice anniversary!

To be continued…