Upcoming RPGs for PC in 2014 Part II

by on April 4, 2014

Grim Dawn
   Grim Dawn is a Hack&Slash RPG developed
by Crate Entertainment which had a successful Kickstarter campaign raising over
540,000 $.
The game is
considered the spiritual successor of Titan Quest as is developed using an
improved version of the engine that was used by Iron Lore to create Titan
   Grim Dawn has to offer more than any
ordinary Hack & Slash does, with features that bring it closer to a more
standard RPG. The game will offer a dual classes system; quests with choices
and consequences; a factions system with reputation that leads to new quests,
perks and merchant discounts and there are many other interesting features
which add up to the complexity of this game.
   The Alpha is currently available on Steam
through the Early Access program and players say that it is looking very promising,
it remains to be seen if the final product will deliver everything that it set
up to do. But for fans of the Hack & Slash games this title is something to
keep an eye on.




Dragon Age: Inquisition
   The 3rd installment of the Dragon
Age saga, Inquisition, will take place in Orlais, the French inspired area, and
the areas around these lands.
   After the disappointment of Dragon Age 2,
the developers promised that Inquisition is coming back to its roots, providing
a much more complex and deeper story and a huge world to explore.
The choices
will be the key of this game and will not be limited to dialogues and story
only, now players can command units and send them into missions which will have
an impact on the evolution of the story. The players can also command a Keep
and control its resources in order to prepare it for battle. 
As for the
combat, players will have the option to choose the style they enjoy the most
from either 3
rd person action perspective or isometric tactical perspective,
and if this system is done right it’s going to please a wider range of gamers.
   Some of the characters from the previous
games will make a return in Inquisition, most worthy to mention are Morrigan
and Varic. I’m not sure how much the game will connect the story with the previous
protagonists of the series, but seeing Morrigan back in the spotlight I can
only hope that my favorite Grey Warden will make a comeback in this game, if
not as playable character maybe at least as an NPC.
   The game is developed using FrostByte 3 engine,
the Battlefield engine, and with this new technical improvements the game looks
absolutely stunning.
   Personally, after everything that happened
with this saga and Bioware in the last couple of years, I’m still skeptical
about this title, but I’m going to keep my eyes on Dragon Age: Inquisition as
it has huge potential to become a great RPG.




Dark Souls II
   Dark Souls series is a continuation in style
but not in story of Demon Souls, the game gained rapidly a huge amount of fans
because in a time when all games started to become really casual and easy, Dark
Souls hit the jackpot by being really hardcore. But the timing and its hardcore
nature are not the only things that made Dark Souls popular, the game combat is
very well executed with nice animations, good game mechanics and an interesting
multiplayer which allows the players to invade other players’ world or help
other players by leaving messages into the world and warning them about the
upcoming dangers.
   Dark Souls II is a very hyped sequel by the
fans and has a lot to live up to. The game has the same mechanics, combat
control and frustrating fights as the original one, but with a much larger
world to explore and a new story that takes place 1000 years after action of
the previous game to give the new players a fresh start in the franchise.
   From Software has promised that the PC
version will not be just a random port any more, it will support 60 fps and have
more graphical fidelity for this platform.
   Dark Souls II sounds great so far, but there
are things that worry me a lot. The original game was a terrible port and the
producers have no excuse for it, because it took some modders a few hours to
fix some of its bigger issues. Also now, a few weeks before release, it has
been proven that the game’s textures quality and lightning that were shown in
the gameplay videos have been removed from the game from both the console and
PC versions. This can be labeled as false marketing, something that should not
be treated lightly and if this is the case, like Aliens Colonial Marines and
other games before, Dark Souls II and From Software should not be excused for
practicing such an ugly business and this is even worse now that the game has a
AAA price tag.


I’m waiting
for Dark Souls II not only to play the game and experience its awesome gameplay
and feeling, but also I’m very curious to see how much the PC version had to
suffer and if the players can get over the hype and judge the game and the
publisher in an objective way for using unconventional and illegal means.



To be continued…Nodrim