ELEX Review

by on November 28, 2017

The year 2017 wasn’t a kind one for the RPG genre despite some incredibly high scores for the few titles that we have been getting. Sequels and spiritual successors have failed, more or less, to deliver on promises and expectation, while postponements ruined any chances of redemption. At the end of a troubled year stands […]

LawBreakers Review!

by on October 16, 2017

Cliff Bleszinski is not scared by the oversatured FPS market at the helm of his own studio, Boss Key Productionsand he has returned with a new IP, LawBreakers. There isn’t much to talk about in terms of story or lore when it comes to LawBreakers. I know there is something, but I’ve spent a good […]

NieR: Automata Review!

by on April 9, 2017

How is it possible that in the release year for some of the most expected titles, an action game featuring teenage-like androids dressed in tight clothes with visible panties comes on top? Let’s have a look at NieR: Automata, Yoko Taro and PlatinumGames’ sequel to NieR, and what makes it such a good game. Automata’s […]

Resident Evil 7 Review!

by on March 12, 2017

A video game series is defined by its iconic elements but doesn’t always have to stick with them until the end. Change might be necessary to combat staleness and bring a series back on an evolving track and CAPCOM is doing just that with Resident Evil 7. After the main games have derailed towards an […]

Silence Review!

by on November 27, 2016

                Daedalic Entertainment is part of the last stand against a gaming trend that has left adventure games behind. Deponia, Night of the Rabbit, Anna’s Quest, The Dark Eye and The Whispered World are some of the best point and click adventure games of this generation. But the tides are shifting and adapting to them […]

Titanfall 2 Review!

by on November 21, 2016

                  Every time a multiplayer FPS launches with a singleplayer campaign everyone makes such a big fuss about it like there isn’t the possibility that they will spend dozens if not hundreds of hours online. Titanfall’s sin was that it was so shallow in content that it couldn’t justify its AAA price and the […]

Mafia III Review!

by on November 7, 2016

                  I’ve never been a fan of movies, TV shows or video games about the mafia. So, despite the extreme quality and attention to details, the Mafia series never clicked with me. But I’ve played and appreciate both games as much as I could, considering the fact that they have a setting that didn’t […]