Screenshot of the Week #129: Wraith!

by on July 3, 2017

Competition is the drive force behind my day to day gaming and LawBreakers seems to be a natural at it. From CliffyB, one of the minds behind Unreal Tournament, comes an arena shooter rooted in the past yet adjusted for the new era of gaming. Unique and cosmetically customizable classes set the tone for frenetic battles on small but intricate maps where gravity can be your friend or your foe. No leveling up, no in-game progression, no powerful picks-up, just your standard loadout of abilities and weapons to hold your own. A bold move that could easily be a double edged sword but someone has to derail the genre from a MoBA hybrid future.

LawBreaker’s courageous upsurge is supported by a gameplay that uses a combo of complex movement and shooting mechanics aiming for a high skill ceiling but not without teamplay. Knowledge, speed and great reaction are the base requirements to get decent at this game and the path to greatness is paved with the face stomping from younger and better players. This is a hard game and there are already plenty of extremely skilled players to combo you into oblivion. Such is the harsh road of competitive online games and LawBreakers doesn’t shy away from this one bit. But do not despair, even newbies like me can find entertainment in this game and if picking a sturdier class doesn’t work, we can still abuse Wraith because it’s OP, I mean cool!

Hop in and check out the game, the Open Beta lasts until July 5th!

Totally badass!