Screenshot of the Week #128: Vigorous!

by on June 26, 2017

I was ready to showcase another screenshot from my WWII gaming adventures, but my weekend purchase made me change my mind. I took advantage of the Steam summer sale and bought a game that was reviewed on this blog but I stood away from it due my RNGphobia, Darkest Dungeon. With courage I overcame my skepticism diving into a set of Bram Stokery dungeons to fight nightmarish fiends and Eldritch beings. This is the kind of setting I want to explore more in video games (I think there is a Bloodborne PC petition here somewhere) but I rarely get to do. This macabre combination of worlds is put together through impeccable 2D graphics with an artistic direction reminiscent of Klei’s games and a story that’s narrated by one of the most terrifying yet soothing voices in the business, Wayne June. Even a bit of RNG can’t ruin this crossover of horror subgenres, even more so when it’s quite well used to sustain a challenging combat system focused on tactical thinking, assessing risks and heroes’ management.

The maddening screams of heroes who lost hope echo through the corridors of the dark dungeons but in the face of danger some might rise, forceful, vigorous, even courageous to lead the rest. Victory is the sweetest against the hardest of situations and agony sinks in with disastrous losses. Heroes die but new ones will take their place as progress isn’t so easily achieved. It’s all part of the game, a game that teaches you through failure how to overcome failure. A game that doesn’t hold your hand and only rewards you through your own achievements, Darkest Dungeon, my kind of game.

I feel the power, the hope!!!