Screenshot of the Week #126: Expensive steel!

by on June 12, 2017

I’m having a hard time writing new articles in the same way I’m having a hard time to leave Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for other games. The latter might be one of the causes for the former but there are bigger factors into play which I’ll ignore for the sake of this short article.

My latest incursion into the strategy genre has brought me back to Company of Heroes 2 refreshing my passion for armored vehicles combat from WWII era. What better game to exercise this passion than a WWII half simulator like War Thunder (Ground Forces). This game has been providing my tanks warfare dose for years the same way Path of Exile has been calming my Hack & Slash short term addiction. I treat both games the same way, returning once in a while to check the changes and playing them until I get my fix. But while both are excellent examples of quality free to play titles, I always had mixed feelings about War Thunder. The gameplay quality has never been a problem and War Thunder Ground Forces has clearly improved over the years with new features and plenty of content. But the business model is one that I can’t really get behind as it can drag the whole experience through the mud. It has always been hard to keep up with the battle costs in a game of this nature but I feel over the years the War Thunder’s situation has gotten worse and premium, be it time or currency, is more a requirement than a quality of life improvement.

War Thunder has many qualities to its name and quite a few flaws, but juggling between air and land battles with the navy on the way is a feat worth praising. It’s such a shame the experience can easily be tainted by a weirdly uneven business model.

The path to bankruptcy!