Screenshot of the Week #124: Black Cerberus!

by on May 22, 2017

An intense gaming week has ended. Well, technically a new week has already begun but I’m always late with these articles. Last week has been bombarded with video games from new releases like Endless Space 2 and The Surge to a bunch of beta tests for games like Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, LawBreakers and apparently even for SpellForce 3. As the gaming madman I missed very little, mostly because I couldn’t get my hands on SpellForce 3 beta key but I’m going to focus this short post talking about the surprise from Deck13.

I was very critical of Lords of the Fallen at its release and that was even before I really went hardcore with the Dark Souls series; therefore I wasn’t expecting much from The Surge. The idea of a cyberpunk souls-like game intrigued me but my past experience and some misleading screenshots presenting an unappealing artistic direction made me extremely skeptical. But as long as I have money I’ll buy video games and write about them (more or less) on this blog so I did that and this time around my money wasn’t wasted.

The Surge has inherited the few good things from Lords of the Fallen and put them in a fluid and responsive game that could teach From Software a thing or two about mouse and keyboard controls. It plays really well as a slightly lighter souls-like game that focuses on melee combat as a stress release against brain-fried human beings. The story is decent and provides context for bashing the exo-suit enhanced bodies of human beings without any sense of self preservation. Fair challenge is at the core of soul-like games and this one stays true to it with a high-risk, high reward system provided through a neat targeting system and a multiplier for the experience (scrap) gained.

The Surge is well balanced game that’s lacking the production value of the competition but tries to make up for it by changing the standard formula to its advantage. The game has its flaws but they don’t hinder the 20 to 30 hours of solid and challenging gameplay which can be extended through a NG+ system.

The definition of bad-ass!


I haven’t got the opportunity to taste the game, but thanks to a buddy who was kind enough to share with me a gameplay sesion of this game on steam, i have a strong vision about the game now. It looks very interesting and and now that i’ve read your review the desire to play the game it grows exponentially. Peace.

This isn’t exactly a review, just some thoughts about the game. But I am hoping to write a fully fledged review soon.
If you are into soul-like games and cyberpunk, The Surge is definitely a good pick.